[Metal] What Are You Listening To?


[Metal] What Are You Listening To?

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Artist: Iron Maiden

Release: Rock In Rio

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Artist: Riot
Release: Narita
Year: Originally released 1979
Labels: Victory (Japan) and Capitol Records
Style of Music: Classic Heavy Metal, and lots of late 70's Hard Rock.
Origins: New York, NYC.

Lineup for this release:

This is one of those late 70's Hard rock albums that would eventually get lumped into Heavy Metal as a classic metal album, as the music of the genera started to emerge and become more defined in the early 80's/late 70's. This release has been unavailable on the Spotify service for some time, and I have been on the lookout for it to eventually pop up and it did today. One can hear from this release how many early metal bands would get and even copy this style of metal music coming into the early 80's for the pop metal fans of that era. This album rocks from beginning to end, and it is a classic that would define where Hard Rock and the early emerging Metal sound of music would go into for about a decade or more into the future.


Enjoy! \m/


Two versions of this release is available currently on the Spotify service:


Regions available: CA MX US


And this version of the release:



Not available in regions: RO SI

Gig Goer



The new Haken - Affinity album is the best record so far this  year. 

Happy listening!


 <iframe src="https://open.spotify.com/album/1qD29n5sWzkZPnMOFSkCIC" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true"></iframe>


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Artist: Anthrax
Release: Worship Music
Year: 2011
Labels: Megaforce / Nuclear Blast
Style of Music: Thrash and groove metal
Origins: NYC. U.S.

Well this release popped up on the Anthrax artist page sometime after the release of For All Kings for U.S. Spotify music users. Not sure when exactly this release was added to the artist page, I did get an email notification earlier in the week though of this release being added, which is good to know that it is working correctly. So for Anthrax fans who enjoy the work of Anthrax with return vocalist Joey Belladonna, here it is. Worship Music. Other Spotify users have had or some users might have a slightly different release version, check the artist page for the release available to you here: https://open.spotify.com/artist/3JysSUOyfVs1UQ0UaESheP

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The Wrong Side of Heaven and the Righteous Side of Hell, Volume 1


July 30, 2013

Recorded 2012–2013 at The Hideout studios


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Artist: Death
Release: Scream Bloody Gore (Reissue) and Deluxe Reissues
Year: Re-released May 20th, 2016 - Original release year 1987
Labels: 1987 release COMBAT - 2016 Reissue and Deluxe Reissues - Relapse Records. 
Style of Music: Death Metal
Origins: Orlando, Florida, U.S.

Nice reissue sets here. The first set contains the music from the original CD release of Scream Bloody Gore with the 2 CD bonus tracks, the second disk of this reissue contains session and rehearsal recordings just like with previous Death reissues and deluxe reissues of past re-releases. The Deluxe Reissue contains a third disc of rehearsals for Scream from the time frame of late May of 1986.



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Artist: Pro-Pain
Release: Foul Taste of Freedom and The Truth Hurts
Year: Original release years 1992 and 1994, re-released 2016
Labels: Original Label - Energy Records and re-released label Steamhammer
Style of Music: Hardcore, cross over thrash/groove metal
Origins: N.Y.C., New York, U.S.


Well these two releases showed up on the Pro-Pain artist page June 3rd of this year. Hopefully this is a sign more early past re-releases are scheduled to become added to the artist page over the next few months, as the band's early work is severly lacking on the Spotify service. A bit of background for those not in the known, the founder of Pro-Pain Gary Meskil, and few other early band members Tom Klimchuck and Dan Richardson were in the N.Y.H.C. crossover thrash band the Crumbsuckers, which developed a cult following on the East Coast U.S. music scenes, and other Hardcore music scenes throughout the U.S. throughout the mid late 80's. These first two releases are a very early transition from the late 80's Hardcore sounds into what would become now a days as metalcore and other sub genres of these types that branched off of the standard Hardcore punk/crossover thrash sound. The music does have a very stripped down low budget development sound, which gives it a nice slap in the face to the over production of music that was coming out at the time in the 90's when the band started releasing music, and which got the band allot of flak for the low budget sound and the releasing of content this way.


Foul Taste of Freedom: 


The Truth Hurts:

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Artist: Opeth
Album: Ghost Reveries

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I thought I would highlight some new re-released content that showed up on artist pages of the Spotify service the last few months, as well as content I have been listening to as well.


First up:
Artist: S.O.D.
Release: Speak English or Die (30th Anniversay Edition)
Year: Original release year 1985, 2015 - 30th anniversary added bonus track edition, content showed up on the Spotify artist page April 4th, 2016.
Labels: Megaforce Records
Style of Music: Hardcore Punk / Crossover thrash metal
Origins: New York, U.S.

This was the pinnacle of crossover thrash / speed metal mix that a band collaboration has ever gotten released during the mid 80's era. This release includes the original standard 21 tracks of high speed ferocity crossover thrash, also includes all the bonus tracks from the various re-releases over the years from the 1999, the 2000 bonus track edition as well as with the live tracks recorded from a 1999 Tokyo Live show, and 2015 re-releases with added bonus tracks, 34 tracks in all. Note the lyrical content on this release was never to be taken serious but from the hardcore punk perspective to just piss everyone off. This was a release when Political correctness was flooding everyday life in American political talk, and social actions, and so this was the middle finger to all the high pretentious and self righteous outlook of the time, an attitude of like What Would Sargent D Do? W.W.S.D.D?


Next up is the Denmark Thrash metal band Artillery, content was added to their artist page recently, their first three full releases. This was also a time for great thrash music coming out of Europe:


Artist: Artillery
Release: Original standard releases of Fear of Tomorrow, Terror Squad, & By Inheritance
Year: original release years of 1985, 1987, 1990, content showed up on the Spotify artist page June 17th, 2016
Labels: Original labels - Neat Records, and Road Runner Records, re-release label is self released content now.
Style of Music: Thrash Metal
Origins: Taastrup, Denmark


And last up on the list is from the Gothic Metal/Rock band Paradise Lost, there was two releases added to their artist pages recently. These two releases that were added to the artist page are from the bands somewhat new wave foray mixed with hard rock and Gothic metal influences that the band worked with for awhile.

Artist: Paradise Lost
Release: Host & Believe In Nothing
Year: Original release years - 1999 & 2001, content showed up on the artist page around June 17th, 2016.
Labels: Original label - EMI, now content is self released. 
Style of Music: New wave, gothic hard rock / metal
Origins: Halifax, West Yorkshire, England

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Artist: Pro-Pain
Release: The Final Revolution
Year: 2013
Labels: Steamhammer
Style of Music: Hardcore/thrash/metalcore
Origins: New York City, New York


I noticed this release pop up on the artist page, as I have been keeping a rather close eye on the artist's page for past material to show up. This is a great heavy hitting release from only three years ago. For fans of hardcore, crossover thrash, and metalcore music tastes.


Lots of great music here!


What im listning to! (alot)



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Artist: Angra
Release: Angra Discography Collection Playlist.

Year: 1993-2014
Labels: Eldorado/JVC Japan/Polydor/Lucretia/Paradoxx/SPV/Voice Music/Universal/Edel
Style of Music: Power metal/progressive metal/folk metal/neo-classical metal
Origins: São Paulo, São Paulo, Brazil


This is a personally created artist discography playlist of the bands content. As the artist page last week was updated with some past missing content. Note the content is slightly out of release order, as I am currently listening to the newly added older content from the artist page. I added the content to the bottom of my Angra Discography playlist, but I am moving it all as I finish listening to the proper release order chronologically. Also note this is content available from a Spotify U.S. subscriber account, so if anything is missing or greyed out likely you might have it but from a slightly different release, double check the Angra artist page to be sure of availability of content from this playlist for your listening region: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7IAXZaLTb6nkJr8RmVPn5y


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Hello !




Edit Notes: @imagine-dragon I went ahead and fixed your track link, I think you meant to post the link to the Ghost track Year Zero, yes? If this not the correct song shout back at me, for some reason the link you had posted had the word "embed" in the linking and would not open properly in the Spotify desktop app.

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Artist: Kreator
Release: Various
Year: 2001, 2006, 2008 & 2016 
Labels: Steamhammer, Sanctuary Records, a BMG company
Style of Music: Thrash Metal 
Origins: Essen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


The artist page the last few weeks has had some content updated that has been missing.


First up, the release of Violent Revolution, two versions of this release has been added to the artist page The standard 12 track release, and a 13 track release with a bonus demo track included. This is the release that brought the band back into the Thrash Metal music direction after the bands foray into Gothic - Heavy Metal direction they went into for a couple of releases.

This version below is the 13 track release:


Next up, Enemy Of God, 12 track release, which the 12th track is currently not available to U.S. Spotify users for some odd reason:


Next up, At the Pulse of Kapitulation: Live in East Berlin, 1990, this is the audio version of the original show released in 2008 which shows the band at it's thrash metal height live. I having had the pleasure to catch these guys once in my life during this time period in the U.S. while they were on tour here, this live audio recording brings back fond memories. Note a DVD version of the show recorded on video live of this release exists as well: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/At_the_Pulse_of_Kapitulation:_Live_in_East_Berlin,_1990 


Last up is a compilation collection of material from release years of 1982-1992, Love Us Or Hate Us: The Very Best Of The Noise Years 1982 - 1992:

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Artist: Life Of Agony
Release: River Runs Again Live 2003

Year: October 14th, 2003
Labels: SPV
Style of Music: Crossover/Thrash/Sludge Metal (early), Alternative Metal/Rock (later)
Origins: Brooklyn, New York


This double live audio recording of a couple of back to back reunion shows at Irving Plaza in NYC, Jan 3rd & 4th 2003 of the original member lineup poped up on the Artist page this Friday. Includes three studio tracks for 2003 by three of the band members side music projects as well, side music projects highlighted on this release is from the bands Among Thieves, Keith Caputo solo and Supermassiv.


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1st part of a two part post.


Just some updates on "new" content I have gotten around to that was released several months ago, just so much good music to check out.


Artist: Hatebreed
Release: The Concrete Confessional
Year: May 13th, 2016
Labels: Nuclear Blast
Style of Music: Metalcore
Origins: New Haven, Connecticut, U.S.

Finally got around to some dedicated time to the band and the material on their artist page. A good solid metalcore release by this band, having been familiar with them from their early days when they started out, well worth a few listens for fans of hardcore/cross over/metalcore music styles.



Artist: Pig Destroyer
Release: Painter of Dead Girls (Deluxe Edition)
Year: original - 2004, new version May 20th, 2016
Labels: Robotic Empire
Style of Music: Grindcore
Origins: Alexandria, Virginia, U.S.

This seems to be an updated reissue release version from the original 17 track compilation release, the original release that gathered together Pig's Split recording release efforts with other bands. Seems a live track is newly added to this collection of rare material, as well as an additional added bonus track from the vinyl reissue.



Artist: Byzantine
Release: To Release Is To Resolve
Year: May 27th, 2016
Labels: Self Released - WV Snakepit Music
Style of Music: Groove Metal, Progressive Metal, and Thrash Metal
Origins: Charleston, West Virginia, U.S.

Even though only two original members are on this release it is still a very solid good release, might be interesting to see how the band fairs doing a self release with this solid of music output. Seems to be there are two release versions of this release, the standard 8 track release, and then a release with 2 bonus cover songs the band did Alice In Chains - Dam That River and Fear Factory's - Pisschrist. Check this release out if available to you, for fans of thrash, groove and progressive metal.


Casual Listener


Make me cry.. 


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2nd part post of new music listened to lately.


Artist: Haken
Release: Affinity
Year: April 29th, 2016
Labels: Century Media Records
Style of Music: Progressive Metal
Origins: London, England, U.K.

A very nice solid progressive metal release here well worth many listens. Now if Haken Spotify user fans can just get access to the band's debut release Aquarius everything would be right with the world. 🙂 Two versions of this release seem to be available at least for U.S. Spotify users, the standard 9 track release, and then a double deluxe release version that includes just the instrumental audio tracks without the vocals. Seems to be something a few bands and labels are doing now, releasing audio instrumental releases alongside the standard studio recordings now without the vocals.

I have included just the standard release here in this post, check the artist page for the deluxe version with the instrumental tracks to see if it is available for you from your listening region:



Artist: Gehennah

Release: Too Loud To Live, Too Drunk To Die
Year: February 12th, 2016
Labels: Metal Blade Records
Style of Music: Old school thrash, dirty gritty hard rock, blackened metal
Origins: Forshaga, Sweden

This release that showed up earlier in the year has a very fast paced stripped down raw and gritty sound, For fans of old school thrash and fast paced metal like Motörhead, Bathory, and Venom. Most of the recording was done live in the studio with almost zero overdubs except the solo and vocal work, the release has a nice old school thrash metal feel.



Artist: In Mourning
Release: Afterglow
Year: May 20th, 2016
Labels: Agonia Records
Style of Music: Melodic Death Metal
Origins: Falun, Sweden

A very good solid release here for fans of a more toned down melodic death metal direction with some sound wiggle room to grow. The band does a very nice job with the sound production and the release is worth many listens. Only 7 tracks on this release but plenty of music time to enjoy which almost reaches the full hour mark for so few tracks, most releases today require 12+ tracks to push over the full hour mark on a release nowadays.



Artist: Kvelertak
Release: Nattesferd
Year: May 13th, 2016
Labels: Roadrunner Records
Style of Music: It is listed as Heavy Metal, Black Metal and Rock 'n' Roll, but this new release by the band has a much more old school hard rock stoner rock feel to it in the production department.
Origins: Stavanger, Norway

A very good solid release, and what I mentioned in the style of music description, the tracks off of this release would fit well with other stoner rock/doom metal style playlists. The music production has a nice old school hard rock feel throughout the recording. Well worth many listens, I have been doing my effort to give new released content three solid listens to take in all the subtleties of the recording. I just can not shake off the old school hard rock/progressive rock production feel this release currently has. I now know why James Hetfield is a big fan of this band. Currently listening to the release again as I type up this post, the release is just that good. 🙂



Last up Artist for this post:

Artist: Rumpelstiltskin Grinder

Release: Ghostmaker 
Year: June 19th, 2012
Labels: Candlelight Records
Style of Music: Trash Metal
Origins: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.

This release here is not so much new, but I did finally get to the artist page and the bands work is just fantastic Thrash Metal \m/. This release from 2012 deserved to be mentioned, so many great new wave of thrash metal bands out and about now, that this new generation of thrash metal bands might be able to wake some of the sleeping giants from their slumber to see if they can bring out some more good stuff in the future. Still looking forward to Testament's new one. Anyway fans of thrash metal should big time check out this band.


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Artist: Avenger Of Blood
Release: On Slaying Grounds
Year: New July 29th, 2016
Labels: Times End Records, Indie self released
Style of Music: Thrash/Speed Metal
Origins: San Jose, California, U.S.


This release slipped a little under my radar, luckily I followed artists I make playlists of music from. I got a push notification of this release late last week and well it is a good one. For fans of old school thrash/speed metal, i.e. Kreator, Destruction, Slayer, Overkill, ect. Very good tight music here everything seems to be in place, and even rather good production as well for this type of metal. For fans of thrash/speed metal.