Listen to music everywhere? Apparently not. Spotify cares? Nope not that either.

If you a military member's spouse you can get spotify premium if you are at home. That's all well and good unless your posted overseas! I am from the uk and my husband is American military, he is currently posted overseas at a hotel so we have no address currently only his US address. I have spoken with a live chat agent who states he will refer to developers as we offered proof of id and even marriage certificate to see if they could add manually to the account of which this was not viable. Being away from home is hard for anyone, being in a country that does not speak the same language... music is something that boosts morale even in the bad times. I hope the developers see this and begin accommodating for these circumstances and supporting them. I have provided mine and my husband's email address to be notified when this does. Until then we will take our business elsewhere and contact other companies/competitors to see if they can accommodate. 


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Hey @Leclerc

Welcome to the Spotify Community and thank you for your post. I'm sorry to hear about this, unfortunately at this time it isn't possible to set this up however Spotify take all feedback on board and I have fed this across to the right folks at Spotify for their review.


I'd highly suggest, creating a brand new idea for this over in the Spotify Community over in the Idea's Exchange, this means other Spotify users including yourself can show your support for this and Spotify will have a look at this! Feel free to share the link here once you've posted it as soon as any updates are reached you'll see it on that idea page!



Ethan /es