Missing tracks/albums on Spotify?


Missing tracks/albums on Spotify?







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In the past couple of months, I have seen many alternate versions of certain records being taken off of Spotify or just random records/songs at certain times. I am an advocated Hip-Hop fan and I like to jump from record to record when it comes to listening to the Explicit version or sharing it outside my headphones with the Clean version. I know this problem might lay on the record companies themselves or the number of plays, but this seems to be happening to a lot of artists. From Outkast (ATLies (Clean Version), Aquemini (Clean Version), Stankonia (Clean Version)), Wu-Tang Clan (Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers) (Clean Version)), Ol' Dirty **bleep** (Return to the 36 Chambers: The Dirty Version), Madvillain (Raid ft. MED), The Pharcyde (Bizzare Ride II (Delux Version)). That's only some of the many records that have been lost to Spotify and may never return. I don't know if Spotify might pay less attention to these albums, but it makes no sense to take them when they are really good and many people who wish to listen to them should have a chance to. Will Spotify address this issue?

Ps: When will Spotify finally release De La Soul (Three Feet High and Rising, De La Soul is Dead, Buahloon Mindstate, Stakes is High), Kurios (A Constipated Monkey), and Dr.Dre's (The Chronic) albums on its site? (I know this is much but it seems like those albums are becoming more public through their record distributors, especially on social media)

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Hi @Nickflores99


The availability of different albums and tracks depends on the artist himself and/or his music label and publisher. Some stuff are made unavaiable due to chaning or expiring licensing agreements. Other times the artist don't want their music on streaming platforms for some reason. While Spotify wants to have all the music, somethimes this is out of their hands. I suggest contacting the artists themself by their official social media accounts and ask them to add their music. There is not much to do besides that.

I'd recommend reading the official article for more info.

Hope this helps!