Monthly listeners...really?


Monthly listeners...really?

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So I've started a social media promotion campaign on 6th December to promote an artist on Spotify. The target audience, production quality of the music and overall appropriateness of the music to the potential audience are all on point. As evidence to support this, I've had 2,200 (approx) link clickthroughs from two ads in about a week. Facebook has confirmed that the link to the Spotify artist page works and I've verified this for myself.


Now, out of the 2,200 link clickthroughs since 6th December to yesterday, Spotify is telling me that my monthly listeners have increased by 122. That's all, on Spotify for artists, the desktop app and the mobile app for Android all give the same reading.


All Spotify for Artists support can confirm is that the are no issues on their end with the stats.


My conclusion therefore is that out of 2,200 link clickthroughs only 122 listeners stuck around for more than 30 seconds? Are there any other possibilities?




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Hey @jermarca, welcome to the Community!


It seems that those listeners stuck around for more than 30 seconds. 30+ seconds counts as a stream and those who listen to at least 30 seconds get included in the Monthly Listeners stats.


I also recommend checking out this FAQ on Monthly Listeners. 

Monthly Listeners have a 28-day rolling window and user listening to multiple songs, or same song multiple times counts as one listener.


Hope this helps you, have a lovely day 🙂

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hi @jermarca ! 


did you check if a clickthrough from FBAds counts as a stream even if it stuck around for more than 30 seconds? I'm not clear about that.