Multiple issues with Spotify


Multiple issues with Spotify


Hi all, 

I've been having a number of issues with Spotify recently and it's starting to get to the point of weighing up my options or swapping to another music streaming service. 

I'm playing Spotify from my Oneplus 7 Pro mainly through my car via Bluetooth. 

Recently once connected, the display does not refresh with the current track or play time so is stuck with the last song that was playing. 

Songs will randomly pause themselves and will not continue until I manually start them again (and sometimes they fail to start again atall until I fully close the app and relaunch)

Also, when I stop my car the audio stops (as expected) but when I exit my vehicle Spotify starts playing through my phones speakers even though Spotify is not in my currently opened apps. Even if I launch Spotify on my phone at this point, it shows the play button instead of pause. The only resolution I have found to stop the music is to reboot the phone at that point. I've looked through the phone settings and Spotify settings and cannot find anything that may be causing this.

Does anyone have any ideas?? 

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