Music similar to Silent Hill/Akira Yamoka


Music similar to Silent Hill/Akira Yamoka

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If you have played the games of Silent Hill or seen the movie you know it has an amazing soundtrack full of TripHop, ambient, instrumental and industrial themes made by the composer Akira Yamaoka, and is hard to find music like that so I made a playlist with some songs that I think could fit well in the SH universe, some of them are the inspirations that Yamaoka has said in some interviews.


If you know more music that could fit in the playlist let me know so I can add them, there are already some playlists with "SH sound" but most of them are just ambient, and I am looking for tracks that have everything, from Ambient to Industrial, from Light to Darkness, even rock can be here like the main themes of the games such as Theme of Laura.

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Check out a band called The Moscow Coupt Attempt. They are probably one of the very few bands that top Akira Yamaoka when it comes to the pyschological horror  vibe. 


I checked out some of your music as well. I'm just curious, is there a community of musicians that you know of that are obsessed with this genre of music? I guess it would be considered psychological horror mixed with hip hop. If there is, let me know please. I would love to be part of this community. 


I just created a collaborative playlist called Silent Hill+. You and I can find some more songs on Spotify to add to this place list. I know it will be hard to find other musicians who can get that same psychological vibe as Akira Yamaoka, but not impossible.


I'm was actually thinking about writing my own version of some Silent Hill songs myself and creating some new tracks that have a similar sound as Akira Yamaoka. I admit, this is will be my first actual music project, but I would definitely need some guidance when it comes to mixing and recording. I'm thinking about doing it all with FL Studio. Good idea or bad idea? Any advice would be grateful. 

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Some   Instrumental Hip Hop  (Trip Hop)/Downtempo stuff:


Some Trip Hop Albums:




Dark Ambient:


Illbient/Ambient Dub?: