My personal box to browse


My personal box to browse

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Hey. Using spotify I noticed that there is no possibility of saving albums or artists that may be unknown to me but which seem interesting to me while browsing to a rubric called 'try later' or 'listen later'.
There are always more than one album that catches my eye while browsing, which gets lost though by dipping deeper into another.

With other words : the changing room is missing.
Example: you go shopping and you see 5 shirts you like so you go to the changing room to select the best fitting one. So back home your wardrobe is only filled with clothes you actually like and wear.

Now spotify only offers to bring them all home and to put them to your wardrobe right away by sorting them to right staple of colours.

To my opinion this only leads to a collection filled with trash or albums I have never listened to. So you have to tidy up a lot.

It's an idea to make your collection even more perfect.
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Hey @elindeduek


While Spotify does not have a built in "listen later" feature, you can build your own.


Create a new playlist and title it "Listen Later" or whatever you prefer. Make sure you move it to the top of your playlists list in the desktop app. Then, anytime you hear a song or album that is intertesting while browsing, you can right click on it and select "add to playlist" and then select the "Listen Later" playlist. That way you can add all of the stuff you find to that playlist and then come back to it later. This is the same thing I do while browsing. It makes it easy to save stuff for later.

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