Nap chill sleeping crying songs


Nap chill sleeping crying songs

Gig Goer

walking round oxford🏯🚏🥣 – jenny chamberlain

the playlist i listen to when I'm sleeping or just staring out a rainy window - lots of bon iver, pheobe brigers, and just a general melancholy vibe

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Great playlist!

If you were looking for more music to stare pensively out of that rainy window, here is my String Textures playlist, updated regularly and featuring contemporary classical string music. The playlist is perfect for focus based tasks such as study or reading, or calm and meditative moments 🙂

Gig Goer
Noice playlist
Here's my chill/sad playlist. I listen to it whenever I'm exhausted or really sad.
It has a lot of songs that are connected to things from my past so it always stings to listen to