New Privacy policy and my account termination


New Privacy policy and my account termination

Casual Listener

Just posting to give voice to my concern. 


Spotify and co, I pay you folks for a service .. I do not pay you to snoop on my "contacts, photos and media", such as your new privacy policy allows. I don't care about sensor data, I get that for services such as the spotify run stuff, but MY contacts are NOT yours. 


If you wanted more money I would have happily paid, it was a great service and I enjoyed countless hours using it. Enjoy the last months subscription, you won't be getting another dime out of me. 

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Music Fan

Guys, for the time being you could just switch to third-party apps for Spotify listening until Spotify changes thier Privacy Policy (if they ever do).  One on iOS I could recommend is called SpotEQ, it still gives you access to all your playlists, etc. while providing protection from the rather creepy aspects of the recent Policy changes.  SpotEQ's website says that their app never accesses or shares any photos, contacts, media files, sensor, or location data.  So, while you might not get the features of Running, you surely won't have to worry about any weird invasion of your privacy, and you can enjoy your music in peace.

Perfect! I will do the same!

Casual Listener

I just second this statement.


Dear Spotify Team,


Let's make a long story short: I do not need those "fabulous" new services and I do not want neither Spotify or any other app that does not need access to the described elements sniffing in my photos, contacts, and other private data.


If this does not get changed back asap to T&Cs which allow for a certain level of mutual trust, I will terminate my premium account latest by end of September and deinstall all Spotify apps on all of our android devices instantly.


It is sad to see a company such as Spotify evolve from a loved service provider into a data privacy intrusion company. Trust can be so quickly destroyed. It will be hard to get it back...if at all.



Agree. Would have loved to stay with spotify as a paying customer. If it would have been the free version it would have been understandable but for premium? No way.


Orwell's 1984 was nothing compared to what is going on now

I will personally make sure that more people who normally do not pay attention to privacy agreement would understand what Spotify is doing.


Glad most people are finally wake up and I hear "I have nothing to hide" idiotic excuse of obuse of human right way less often.


People can only be pushed until the tipping point and it is close now


I agree, Those terms of service are so unacceptable. Goodbye spotify until you change them.


DITTO.  I'm gone too. 


I sugest everyone read the new terms, in particular:


3.3 Information Stored on Your Mobile Device

With your permission, we may collect information stored on your mobile device, such as contacts, photos, or media files. Local law may require that you seek the consent of your contacts to provide their personal information to Spotify, which may use that information for the purposes specified in this Privacy Policy.


“If you don’t agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, then please don’t use the Service.” – Spotify


So,  since I can't not give Spotify permission, I'll not be using the "service" anymore, they simply don't need access to my contacts or photos , that's is way too invasive and just plain creepy.