New Tangible Interface for Spotify


New Tangible Interface for Spotify

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Hi all,


Currently we are working on designing new features for Spotify, and exploring how we could interface with our music in new ways.  A video is available at Youtube, and accessible for anyone who is interested. Click here or copy:


If you would like to help out, you can do so by filling in this (entirely anonymous) survey.


We will use the responses from this task in our next design work.


Keep in mind this is a research project, so this will not be a product which you will find for sale for example. The video is part of my Master Thesis, and is an attempt to better understand what were the advantages of tangible music which have now disappeared, and what values we have gained for it in replace. I'm mainly interested in the following question: Is losing the tangible qualities of music actually creating a better music experience?


For more information, feel free to contact me. 


Thank you in advance! Any feedback is welcome 🙂

Roy Martens

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I feel this topic belongs in off topic. Good luck with your project!

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