Separate artist/album/song sections


Separate artist/album/song sections

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I love the new interface, but one thing that kind of bugs me is the fact that the song, album, and artist sections of "my music" are all connected. If I like one song by an artist I don't want them to show up in my artist's section.


I think you should be able to add music to the sections independantly. So for example if there is an artist I really like I can just go to the top of the artist page and save them to my artists section, then I can choose there best album and add it to my albums section, then add a my favorite song to the songs section.


Just a thought


Right now I have no use for the artists and albums sections because they are full of artist and albums that only have one or two songs saved to my music.

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This is honestly my biggest gripe with Spotify. I listen to music by searching through my artist list. I like to listen to individual albums or play their top songs. If I have a single song saved by any individual artist it only shows that song. even if you are following them... What?
To then get to their artist page you have to click the menu and the link to the page. Too many steps.

I suggest they show the songs you've saved at the top and display the regular artist page underneath. Simple fix.



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It is 2018 and if you delete your songs all the albums are gone and vice versa. You can not seperately save albums and songs. That is really sad. I moved from Deezer to Spotify a couple of weeks ago and this is really very bad. 

Dear Spotify, what are the plans?

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And it is not like that on ipad, the technology, the two are clearly distinct. Which seems to means that it is no feature but a bug

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I fully agree with you and hope it will get fixed. I have about 900 songs in a favorite sort of catch everything playlist, so I now have as many albums in my albums list whereas precisely I use the playlist where I only like a song or two in an album. This is silly.

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They posted here that :


"We will also expose the ability to take control of the Songs and Albums tabs in Your Music by filtering Albums saves. You will be able keep albums and songs separate if you want to which will allow you to migrate Starred usage completely."


Not sure, but this may be what you're wanting.

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Well, its part of what I'm suggesting. I still think the artists section should be seperate as well.