Song in the Digster Spotify commercial


Song in the Digster Spotify commercial


So I heard this song in the Digster Spotify commercial and I can't find it. I need this song in my life. There were three songs, it was the third one. All I remember is,



I need you


It was a female and that's pretty much all it played.


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I would hazard a guess that the song you're after is here, but I'm not sure.  Hope it helps.

Official Digster Playlist


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yes i also would like to know the song it was so good even though we only hear like a few seconds of it

i've been through all the songs but I still can't find it...

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Use Shazam next time the ad plays, it'll tell you which song it is.

Bonus if you connect your Spotify account: it'll automatically add the songs on a playlist for you!


I can't find them either and really want to know! It sounds like a remix of Craig David's Rewind, or at least that's what keeps comign into my head! 

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