[Soul] Post your Soul playlists in here!


[Soul] Post your Soul playlists in here!

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Hey guys,


I wanted to share some of my Soul playlists with you and invite you to add yours too.


So what is Soul music? Here's a good description i found on about.com: 


Soul music is a combination of R&B and gospel and began in the late 1950s in the United States. Soul diffirentiates from R&B due to its greater emphasis on vocalists and its merging of religious and secular themes.

The 1950s recordings of Sam Cooke, Ray Charles and James Brown are commonly considered the beginnings of soul music.


I would like to keep this thread Soul only. I have 2 playlists whihc i really like but one is Soul and Blues, the other is Soul and Jazz. I will not post those here, but maybe in another thread.


Here are mine and i'm looking forward to yours. Enjoy!


Chicago Soul 60s 70s: 


Soul inspired by Marvin Gaye:


Falsetto Soul: Sweet Soul Moods










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And last one for a while. My celebration of Motown and the motor city. It also includes tracks from Invictus, which was a label set up by Motown's song writers, Holland, Dozier and Holland.