Spotify Heads South - right address?


Spotify Heads South - right address?

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So I RSVP for the Spotify Heads South event held in Austin, TX seeing that I live 30 minutes away from Austin but then I later checked out the address on google maps and it showed a somewhat ghetto neighborhood. Is that right? 1010 East Cesar Chavez, Austin, TX google it and you'll see. Now I'm wondering if it was a scam or what? I mean I love spotify it's an incredible service but this doesn't seem right to me. Anyone from the Spotify Team may please clarify things for me. Sincerely, Victor Mendoza - Premium Susbriber -
Mendoza, Victor
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Hey Victor, welcome to the Community.

Have you got a link for the event so I can check for you?

(Also, I've moved this into the Music board from the Announcements, hope you don't mind).
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