Spotify Playlist embed only plays 30 second snippets - How to play full songs in playlist embeds?


Spotify Playlist embed only plays 30 second snippets - How to play full songs in playlist embeds?

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Hi Spotify community, 


Basically, my questions are about playlist embedding.  I know how to embed a playlist to my site via HTML and the code provided by the Spotify app. But why is it that when you actually hit play on the playlist when it's on my site the song only plays a 30 sec preview. This is seriously annoying.... I don't see the disclaimer... if Spotify is doing this for a reason they should let us know..... I understand they want listeners on the actual app and not listening on the people's blogs.... but take a look at this post about David Bowie on the newsroom (Spotify news blog)


The playlist plays full songs not 30-second previews. The first song in my playlist a Bowie song! So it's not a licensing issue we are dealing with here. It's just a lack of communication about this issue from Spotify because there isn't documentation available about the rules they are imposing.... 


SO to put it in simple terms can someone teach me how to play full songs in playlist embeds? Not 30-second snippets that end with this screen and this awful message. 



Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 1.58.26 PM.png





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I found a solution by adding




to the code, as in the following example:


<iframe src="" width="300" height="380" frameborder="0" allowtransparency="true" allow="encrypted-media"></iframe>


I have the embed codes in a MySQL database so it was easy to change the nearly 600 codes on my site by the replace string function.

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the current emded code has by default allow encrypted media

i have remember me password for the webplayer and the application

still i get preview time only

when i delete and put the emded code on my blog after i open web player, i finally got the full time option...

or maybe the emded code needs about five minutes to work properly. This is to be checked again...

If someone does it please inform!

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I was frustrated with this, sure I'd done everything right with the widget-builder and secure http...  then I realized I was using the Brave browser and had to "lower my shields" for my page with the embed on it. Check your script-blockers!

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I checked some dates in my database. It looks like Spotify made the above code change close to the end of March.

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Hey @urbanriders@DannyM2 & @QuantumParadox,


Hope you guys are doing great!

In fact this is how this feature works. It is not a bug nor an issue with it.

However, if you would like, you can submit it in Idea Submissions board or support it if this idea has been already submitted. 


Hope I was able to help 🙂

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Sorry to say this isn't true and you are misinforming people. it's not supposed to play a 30-second snippet if you have Spotify available in a browser or in the desktop app. Also not stated that way in the dev documentation. 



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Woah Woah Woah


It used to play the whole song or playlist on the local spotify app if available, not a 30 second preview. 


I have videos on how it used to work vis a vis now, so unless I was living in another dimension for a few years, this is not how it was meant to, it recently changed and many are pretty annoyed about it. 


The only way forward now is to use the Web Connect Api, getting the current device or setting a web player to play those songs/playlists.


Note: I actually read and try to research before replying anyone. Hope I am able to help! Cheers!

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Quantum can you explain what you mean by web API ? 


Did you find a solution?

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I had to smash up the spotify web connect api, grab a device, and play the specified track through the device id , should be able to grab the now playing status and update, but all this hacking is messy. I hate it when companies break stuff and do not inform developers using their stuff before hand. 


I kinda gave up on my end , but the described methods should work in theory. Im just too lazy.

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So after contacting Spotify support again, they confirmed with me for the second time that it has to do with licensing issues and that they are unable to comment more on the fact because of that? 


shaddyyyyyy af - unable to comment on a feature that we offer that is miss advertised. Hmmmmmmm


Screen Shot 2018-07-13 at 10.53.17 AM.png

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I fail to see the licensing issue here, unless a user is making a
commercial site, which is already against the terms of the embedded player.
Since a user who has Spotify login will auto play inside said player, what
licensing issues are there?

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Hit them up for some other support and they basically insist that it does work under these conditions but that is simply not true. 


Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 1.38.21 PM.png

I think it's worth a try. Honestly, I really feel like if people keep pushing this issue they will need to publicly answer about what the real issue is because the what you stated before is true. 

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Going to bump this, seems like somehow it reverted to a 30second preview.

It used to be the case where pressing play will either open spotify web or play in the desktop version with playback progress syncing in the embed widget. Just noticed that mine defaulted to the 30s preview for some weird reason.


Going back to using my custom youtube audio widget. .


So how do you make the youtube widget?

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Hi. I'm experiencing the exact same problem.


The Spotify playlists on my site used to stream perfectly, but now they just play erxcerptys from each track with an overlay on top of the playlist saying "To play the full track, you'll need the Spotify app."


Is that a new thing now, or is it a bug?

It's the same on all devices/computers. Regardless of whether I'm signed in or out of Spotift etc.