Spotify Premium error after contract upgrade.


Spotify Premium error after contract upgrade.

I upgraded my Vodafone contract last month which includes the Vodafone Entertainment pack as the last one did.

As always I picked free Spotify Premium. When I logged into Spotify on my new device using my Facebook account (which had Spotify Premium subscription from the last contract) and noticed I had lost my premium status.

After a lot of telephone calls with Vodafone I followed a link they gave which instructed me to log in to Spotify to upgrade my account back to premium. Every time I have done this it came back with an error.

After a lot more calls with Vodafone (22 to be exact) I found out the Premium that is linked to my phone number is been used on a different username (I believe she wasn't very clear).

I have now tried purchasing Premium with a debit card but this has also gave me an error. After three emails with Spotify support which only resulted in automated responses I have turned to this forum for help as I have no way of contacting Spotify and Vodafone are as much help as a broken key is to a lock.
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