Spotify SEO and 'Sad Indie Breakup' Playlists


Spotify SEO and 'Sad Indie Breakup' Playlists


Hey all, first-time poster here. I've created a "Breakups and Breakdowns: Sad Indie Folk Rock" playlist  (hope you check it out!) that got me thinking a lot about how playlists are found through Spotify's search feature/algorithm.


While words like "sad," "breakup" or even "indie" can be simplistic for the complexity of great songs out there, I noticed that even on Google the terms "sad spotify playlist," "breakup playlist spotify" and "sad indie playlist spotify" are searched about 880, 110 and 50 times per month, respectively. 


I tried to naturally work these and other frequently searched words into my playlist title and description (and even the image file name) in hopes of reaching the type of listeners for which this playlist is intended. 


So far, I've seen a small daily trickle of followers, but it's certainly more than if I'd just posted a playlist without these keywords. 


As an SEO (search engine optimization) professional who typically focuses on Google for my clients, I'm wondering if anyone has noticed some key factors in helping your playlists rank legitimately for Spotify searches?


I know some black hat "artists" are naming their songs after popular searches, and I'm not talking about that type of degradation of songs or album names for the sake of "optimization."


But, for example, Google has long used the links back to a website as search ranking factors. Does Spotify also consider the number and quality of links/social shares to user playlists?


Anyway, figured I'd start this thread as a place for people to share their experiences with Spotify playlist SEO and how it's been similar to/different from other search engines.


Also, feel free to share your own sad indie playlists as well!


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