Spotify connect is not turning off


Spotify connect is not turning off

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I may be posting this in the wrong place but I can't figure out how to post anywhere else and I am desperate.

I use the desktop app for windows, the android app and the desktop browser  player on google chrome. I have a premium family account

For the past 5 days spotify is constantly connecting to other people's devices whom I do not know, to the point that it is unusable. In the past hour it has happened 16 times. I logged out of everywhere, changed my password and turned off the toggles for the  spotify connect feature, cleared my cache on all my devices, completely removed then reinstalled the app on all devices and checked for updates, all of which are up to date, yet it  continues to stop my music and play from other devices and has happened so much it has changed the cookied suggestions like my daily mixes. 

If someone knows why this is happening and/or how to fix it PLEASE help because I cannot listen to my own music. It has never been an issue previous to the last 5 days, and happens on wifi and data.

Thanks a million for any help I get.

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