Stranger Things sounds amazing! But 80's playlists suck!


Stranger Things sounds amazing! But 80's playlists suck!

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Im a massive fan of "Stranger Things" & the way it sounds. The score is dripping in tense analog synthesisers & the soundtrack is a brilliant selection of New Wave, Alternative & Synth Pop. When I look for 80's playlists however, they're all too cheesy OR too moody. 

Ever since the new "Tron" dropped ive wanted a respectable synth pop playlist but could never find one, so I decided to make one! Taking inspiration from "Stranger Things" "The Breakfast Club" "Tron" & "Back to the future" I think ive struck a good balance between cool gems & well known hits, this is my absolute best of 80's Synth Pop.

Tell me what you think?

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Hi @JasonMarx-DJ,

Your Absolute Best Is ABSOLUTELY THE VERY BEST.. Trust Me Dear.. You Just Nailed It.. You Worked Very Hard In Selecting The Songs.. And Your Hard Work Will Not Get Wasted.. Cause You Did A Great Job.. This Playlist Will Be Loved By All.. Kudos For The Share Dear..

Rahul Haldar - Spotify's Diehard & Loyal Fan