The Best Fiction Podcasts to Binge in 2021


The Best Fiction Podcasts to Binge in 2021


Nothing is quite as cathartic as getting lost in a great fiction podcast. Whether it's romance, suspense, humor, or whimsy that gets your heart pumping, we've got a show hand-picked for you to binge. In collaboration with Gimlet, these are 4 of the best new fiction shows to dive into.


The Final Chapters of Richard Brown Winters


We've all been victim to a cliffhanger that was left unresolved. Maybe the tv execs canceled your favorite show mid-season, or maybe a prolific author had an untimely passing. In The Final Chapters of Richard Brown Winters, the titular author Richard Winters has been missing for nearly a decade, much to the chagrin of his vast fanbase. When one determined fan assembles a rag-tag crew of Winters enthusiasts to search for him, however, what they find threatens to destroy the Winterverse forever. 



The Two Princes


The now-viral fantasy-romance saga Two Princes is a tale of two rival princes who have set out on individual quests to save their kingdoms from a series of mysterious misfortunes. Forced to team up for the benefit of their homelands, Rupert and Amir begin to face conflict when they find that their rivalry may be evolving into something else entirely. 




Robocalls, phone scams, and hackers are an inevitability of living life on the grid. When everyone's got a phone in their pocket, vishing (or, voice phishing) can be a sinister way to make a buck. When Bridget finds herself out of money and raising a family on her own, she realizes that her gift for deception and voice manipulation might be just what she needs to get out of trouble-- or deeper into it. 


Red Frontier


Three years ago, Commander Taylor Fullerton became the only surviving member of her crew. Since then, she has carried on their mission to colonize Mars in complete isolation. When another crew lands on the red planet, however, Commander Fullerton finds herself trepidatiously investigating their arrival. 


So, what're your favorite fiction shows? Is it horror 🕷, fantasy ⚔️, sci-fi 👽, or action 🔥 that gets you going? Have you listened to any of these shows yet? Hit us with your opinions below. 

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Podcast is not available in our country! Is in Pakistan Podcast not available anymore... Thanks


thanks for this just added Motherhacker to my "to listen" list 🙂