The Hazards of Being a Music Fanatic


The Hazards of Being a Music Fanatic

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This weekend I was following some "Best of 2015"  reviews and came across a contest where you could win a $3000 guitar for posting your 10 favorite 1960s albums.  When I went to the website it said I was a member and did I want to log in - I decided to wait.


I felt that choosing 10 favorite albums from the whole of the 1960s was an impossible task: 1967 alone provides enough fodder for a list of 25 best albums of all time (IMO). But I opened up my database where all my albums are cataloged and did a search limiting the publication years to 1960 -1969.  Almost 200 choices showed up.  I laboriously scanned these 200 titles and settled on about 50 that I personally would find hard to live without - and at that I left out a lot I wanted to include.  Then I made a bowl of clam chowder and sat down to pare my list to the required 10 that I thought were absolutely the best.  I did it, but kept making minor changes.


I hate making favorites lists, especially for music, because there is so much that is great.  So finally, after a couple of hours of work that hurt my soul, I was ready to post my list , still second-guessing myself about whether I should replace one of my final choices with "James Brown Live at the Apollo".  So I went to post my choices, thinking about how sweet it was going to be to win that guitar, and guess what?  Although they had let me register as a member of the site, the contest was only open to musicians, songwriters, and others in the business!  I had checked all the contest rules beforehand, and they didn't mention this until you actually logged in and started to input your list.  I was bummed.

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What I would have done after all that hard work and soul stretching and twisting over picking my 10 best. I sudder at the thought of trying to do that, I can not do it. Not after 40 years of musical listening I have under my belt, just an impossible task for me. I would have anyway enter the contest as an indie artist and just starting out, How the heck would they know anyway? There has to be half a million indie artists all over the world in any given year of music being recorded, and artists trying to make their foot print on the music scene. You might enter anyway, what are they gonna do if you win, send the Web Contest Authorities after you? 🙂


A 3k Guitar is a 3k guitar anyway, but what was the guitar by the way? Reads like this might have been a medium line Gibson or Fender model being offered?