The Official Song Title Game


The Official Song Title Game

Gig Goer

I was surprised that I was unable to find any Spotify song games here - thought I'd start one.


The Rules

1. You must post a song from Spotify that has a word in the title shared with the song from the previous post.

2. You may choose words that include the other word. (e.g. Wander can become "Wanderer or Wanderers". But not Wanderer to Wander)



Jane posts: "Girl on Fire" by Alicia Keys

Bill posts: "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel


N.B. To reduce conflicting posts, if you have a song that you are looking for, first reply and type "RESERVED". Then resolve your post as soon as you can, so others can play! 🙂


How to Share

1. Copy the Spotify URI to the song

2. Use the link button from your Rich Text Menu

3. Paste the link into the url field. Click OK.

4. Post it!


I'll get us started!



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Not applicable

How to save a life by The Fray
changes in...

First day of my life by Bright Eyes





(I love this game so baaad xD)

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First Day Of My Life by Bright Eyes

becomes ....

It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube



Peace ^^

Not applicable

It Was A Good Day by Ice Cube

now is...

Good occasions by Marble Sounds



Not applicable

Good occasions by Marble Sounds


Turns into Good Morning Little Schoolgirl by Muddy Waters:





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Good Morning Little Schoolgirl by Muddy Waters


Turns into Every Little Word by MNEK:


Note - Contains some naughty words.

JOEBOT, lovingly handmade by MattSuda - I'm not the only sexy rock star, there are plenty of others that are happy to help you out. Just look for the star by their name.
I AM NOT AN EMPLOYEE OF SPOTIFY AB. I am just a thirteen year old child trying to help out. I am not paid to help or say any views of Spotify AB or any of it's affiliates, so the least that you could do is share some kudos, or, if I helped you out, mark my post as a solution. It makes me all fuzzy inside

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Every Little Word  by MNEK

becomes ... 

Word Arround Town by Kevin Gates(ft. Rich Homie Quan)



Peace ^^

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Now we're swapping through different genres. ^^


Armin van Buuren - Take A Moment


Take a Walk by Passion Pit



My last post in this thread for today. ^^