Top List in other countries?


Top List in other countries?


When I look at the "Top 100" list for say France, Portugal, or Hong Kong, there's not a single song in that country's native language or by local artists. 


I can't believe that there's not a single song in France/Portugal/Hong Kong that's sung in French/Portugese/Cantonese by a local artist that's popular with the local Spotify community.


Can anyone explain the lack of non-American performers on Spotify?


Thank you!

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I am also confused about how the top lists for different countries are populated.

is it source=country/(IP address), most played songs from that source?.

or are there more variables included?

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I would guess that it is most likely to be based on users' spotify country, as shown in their account overview, rather than IP geolocation but its just a guess. Maybe someone else knows for certain.

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Pretty sure it goes by registered profile countries, the best people to ask are @SpotifyCares on twitter if you want a definitive answer. 🙂

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The top lists are actually updated from play data so they should be accurate. Why are you assuming that French subscribers only listen to French music sung in French?

A quick look at the top tracks for France shows a fair few French bands:



I also see local tracks in the Hong Kong list so I'm not sure why you are making such a sweeping statement.