Various rare musical instruments


Various rare musical instruments



Maybe some of You plays on various musical instruments. Ofcourse, piano, guitar and such instruments are very known. Some instruments are known only for some nation, for example Fujara in Slovakia, Sitar in India, Erhu in China, ETC.

But there are also various unique an maybe rare musical instruments. I sometimes collect those musical instruments. For me unique is Venova from Yamaha, or Steel tongue drum (tank drum) too.

But, which musical instrument is unique for You? I don't think on musical instruments, such as piano, violin, saxophone, or guitar.

Thank You.

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Hey @Noguri


I remember one of the first exotic, or maybe I should say weird musical instruments I encountered was the theremin. It was invented by Leon Theremin in 1928. This is one of the earliest electronic instruments - it consists of two metal antennas that can sense the positions of the musician’s hands, which control the volume and pitch of the sound. I think you can see it played on YouTube videos, also the British band Portishead uses such sounds in some of their albums.


Another one I find very interesting is not quite a musical instrument but rather an exotic composer solution. In 1880 Tchaikovsky wrote the The Year 1812 Solemn Overture, Op. 49 and he used the sounds of artillery cannon fire. 





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Damon Albarn loves to gravitate towards weird instruments and use them in his songs.

Anyway, Blur has one song made on an optigan, an optical organ that makes sound with the help of pre-recorded optical "program" disks where the information is read from. Very degraded sound as a result, but has it's charm.



Another very cool instrument is the Omnichord, a little electronic instrument where you can choose between chords and twiddle on the harp-sounding diodes. The thing itself doesn't look like much, but every sound it emits feels like magic. 😄

Amon made use of this instrument on his long Stories album, and I believe a lot of other artists have done that too.

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