What do you like about spotify?


What do you like about spotify?


i am a student studying target audience for college. tell me what exactly attracts you to spotify?

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The pros:

  1. The freedom.  You don't really get this on a lot of other music streaming services!  Free and Premium almost feel one and the same in some aspects.
  2. Saving songs.  I like saving albums and favoriting songs.  It makes things very easy to manage.
  3. Playlists.  There's something so oddly satisfying about creating a playlist.  Is it thinking about what it's going to be about?  Looking for the music?  Pruning it for songs that don't seem quite right?  I don't know, there's something so mystical about it . . .

The Cons:

  1. All of the Premium ads.  I find it weirdly ironic how Spotify is likely trying to get its customers to switch to their Premium services . . . by shoving ads about Premium and how to use Spotify down their throats!
  2. The UI.  It feels very flat and underutilized.  Everything looks very small and crammed.  Maybe it's just my Neanderthal fingers, but whenever I go to delete a song off a playlist the song starts playing.  When I tap a song, it might heart it or add it to Or when I go search within said playlist, I tap on the first song. 
  3. Obviously as Spotify understands the stuff you like to listen to, it'll pop up on your homepage . . . except if it's playlists for trending stuff.


It's just so easy to play music, it has more than 50 million songs so there is lots to pick from, and you can organize a playlist like that! 😄


Discovering independent artist

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One more thing that makes Spotify fun - its API!

The only other service I know that has an equally potent API is last.fm.


You can have a field day with various apps, such as this one:

"How bad is your Spotify?" 

Playlist Machinery 

Your listening statistics 

...Some sort of app that visualises your music taste as a landscape.  

and many more.

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Their UI is super clean and easy to use, their release radar and discover weekly has a great AI that helps expand your musical taste, and their daily mixes are great if you just wanna put music on and not worry about saying exactly which songs you want.

Only true problem (like a crippling problem) is the lack of lossless audio.


Hey folks, 


Joining with my own list of things that attracted me to start using the Spotify app. First of all, I was a long time user of the classical walkman, then CD player and ultimately MP3 player before smartphones conquered the world. At the time I started using Spotify on my mobile I was listening to a lot of music on YouTube mainly for one reason - I was able to watch the videos as well. Spotify popped up as an option to replace the MP3 player in my pocket and it was already 2013. So here's my list:


1. As @Sebasty mentioned, the free version is easy to start and use 

2. Broad access to lots of albums and releases, there's always something unexplored

3. Convenient interface and simple design

4. Possibility to switch between online and offline mode

5. Great features to recommend you new music, artists and genres

6. The fact that content is being updated regularly and new stuff gets uploaded

7. Apart from my MP3 player, it also replaced some Internet radio stations

8. Nice library features - creating playlists, saving content and organizing it in folders

9. The podcasts

10. Listening habits stats  


Probably I can name a few more, but these are the ones coming first to my mind. 

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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” - Robert Fripp


Spotify is reliable, very few bugs and their family plan is a STEAL of a DEAL at 15 dollars for 6 total family account users.  


Spotify has pretty much every song you could want.  

Finally, Spotify offered it's users a free Google Home Mini this past holiday season.  

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While I haven’t tried any other streaming platforms to compare Spotify to, I’ve been quite happy with Spotify for several reasons, mostly relating to its propensity for allowing me to discover music that I haven’t yet listened to. One way that this can occur is via recommendations based on one’s unique musical taste on the Home screen, as well as in Browse -> Discover. I also appreciate the diversity of playlists that Spotify creates for different genres, which is great for discovering new music as well; and Spotify’s “Made for You” playlists such as Discover Weekly and Release Radar, which can sometimes help me to find new music. In addition, I like that you can follow other Spotify users and see what tracks they’ve been listening to via Friend Activity, as sometimes I find new music that I enjoy listening to that way as well.


One other reason that I like Spotify is for the ability to create playlists as a way of organizing music in one’s library, which Spotify makes very easy to manage.



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My reasons are below:

1. the Free tier. Very easy to just create an account and get going.

2. almost everyone else is also using it so easy to suggest songs, share playlists and stalk friends' 'songs that don't suck yet' playlists.

3. since everyone uses this platform, it's very nice way to create all kinds of communal listening events with friends or community members.

4. the everynoise.com website which is built within Spotify

5. Lovely dark UI.

6. Good likelyhood the artist I want to check out is on Spotify.

7. Good discovery features.

8. ability to connect Spotify to Discord. Can see what other people who have theirs connected listen to in real time. Others can see what I listen to.


There's also this Premium tier feature that I've ended up using a lot, and which other streaming platforms don't have afaik:

Discord listenalong feature (in Discord's Spotify connection)

..So about the communal listenalong events.. They happen on Discord for me. If I miss the beginning of the event, I can simply listen along with someone else. 🙂


Have a nice day!

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Note: I'm not a Spotify employee.

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1) Release Radar - helps not to miss all the new music of the genre I listen to.

2) The ability to share tracks with almost everyone in the world as it's the most popular music streaming service in the world.