Who are your favorite acts you heard for the first time this year?


Who are your favorite acts you heard for the first time this year?

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I posed this question to my friends on Twitter and Facebook and got an incredible, varied response. Since I knew only about half the acts people mentioned, I created a playlist to hold all the recommendations — it just topped 200 tracks.


Since the community here is an entirely different group, I want to hear from you, too. Who are the artists you fell in love with for the first time this year, whether the music was new or not?

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@brian_mansfield great thread! so cool to see the response.







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Well, since it's the second large year where I've been actively looking into different artists, I do have a lot of discoveries, both those that most have known for years, and very little-known material.


I let Amon Tobin's musical preferences guide me (i'd be lost otherwise), so I looked up various acts such as Captain Beefheart (my most listened new discovery this year), Cardiacs, Tom Waits, Jimi Hendix and a whole label of electronic music artists. Label's called Renraku and it's an impressive collection of various beats and sounds. :')

Been trying to introduce myself to classical rock and similar goodies as well...

Fell in love with Diplo's album called F10RIDA, so when I got this album dirt-cheap from the local record store, I listened to mostly that.

Esgar and Former are two acts that have left a deeper impression in me.
Esgar's got 2 albums where the eponymous is sort of slower-pace (mainly instrumental) hiphop with attention on bassy sounds, and the other, Memory, is just low frequency love. It just feels good to listen to that, don't sue me... 🙂
Former's got an awesome album called Edge Mecha and I absolutely love this:


More accessible stuff - this track from a Renraku artist which I had to buy! :


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This year was very interesting for me in terms of music, because i found many interesting artists and i feel like i missed out on so much in the last years, that would just be too much to list them all here. 😉


Giving you 3 examples xD






Have a good start in the new year, everyone! 🙂








Mannywellz, Daniel Caesar, Mac Ayres 🙂

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This is a lot more mainstream than a lot of the tracks on your playlist, but I fell in love with Mariah Carey's and Janet Jackson's music early this year. Prior to this year, I had only really heard Always Be My Baby and All I Want For Christmas from Mariah, and I hadn't heard any Janet songs in full. At this point, I know almost every song in their respective discographies by heart.






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I never thought I would be a fan of Lil Peep's music. Regrettably I gave his music a chance only after he passed away. Kid had a lot of talent, and I would have loved to see him perform live and especially share a few words with him. As someone who's dealt with depression for the last 6 years, I get what he's talking about. I've been in those dark places. But he knew how to talk about it, how to be serious and humerous on the subject, and most importantly how to enjoy making his music, in both a happy and melancholy fashion. I hope he's resting in peace, I really do.