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Gig Goer

I think this ENTIRE album sucks






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im gonna be rly honest, i listened to the first song (after intro) and its not tooooooo bad, but yh still pretty bad...

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Honestly, I think any songs from Corey Feldman's - Angelic 2: The core: Angelic funkadelic: Angelic Rockadelic (yes it is as bad as it sounds) are contenders for this list.

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Rock Star 18
Rock Star 18

Listened through this Bareback song by Kennedy.

This is one of the weirdest things I've listened to. Really, it's as weird as some memes... :') Hotline Bling is obviously a popular meme.


I haven't received many music requests, the few haven't been too bad either.
But I have heard bad stuff, for sure 🙂 They may be otherwise well produced, but I bear a grudge against songs that will start nicely, but then start repeating one word or phrase over and over and over and over [...] again til the end of the song. Additional bonus points - endless super energetic beat.


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