You should customize the suggested music


You should customize the suggested music

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It's simple, I listen only rock, blues and jazz, with all the instrument to target the accounts music preferences, why do you force me to listen to stuff that I personally don't consider as music and I won't never buy or listen??? You should target the suggestions, so I could know a new rock or jazz artist and follow him/her...

I understand that basic accounts have the suggestions and ads, no biggie, but I would prefer that these would be close to my tastes.

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Are you referring to the ads for suggested music?


But in the meantime it is easier than ever to find suggested artists by using these methods below.


If you have been using the Spotify service consistently, have you maybe checked out your Discovery page using the Spotify apps? This is with using the Spotify desktop app, go to Browse under MAIN, click on DISCOVER, you should have a bunch of suggested artists based upon the music and artists you have currently and recently listened to here. Just scroll down, and make use of the right and left scrolling arrows next to each suggested section of artists here for more artists based on songs and artists you listened to.!/article/discover/?in=search


Also users can get more RELATED ARTISTS by clicking on the known names of artists you are currently listening to, and then going to those artist pages, there is a list of the top 10 similar artists here as with the original artist page information as well. The RELATED ARTISTS section using the Spotify desktop app is to the left of the top 10 POPULAR tracks.!/article/related-artists/?in=search