Your hobby?


Your hobby?


Seeing as this is marked as 'Social' and for Off-topic things, I think I can post this and hopefully this is not breaking any rules on the community (?)

But yes, what is your hobby?

Mine is reading, and I especially like reading murder mysteries, while listening to some songs on spotify ^w^

I like Agatha Christie's "Murder on The Orient Express," I find the story plot brilliant. 

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My hobby to look is movies (MCU, James Bond, Star Wars) and search the movies music for all playlist i created.


To start with the reading subject, I like reading mainly non-fiction books. This might include foreign language textbooks or dictionaries, grammars or exercises. There are some exceptions when it comes to fiction literature - I love crime fiction, poetry and horror. 


In terms of music I'm curious to explore new (or old) artists, albums or genres. I research how artists and bands develop through time, influence each other and collaborate on projects. It seems there are always curious facts that pop up when you least expect them. 


Few years ago I discovered my newest hobby after watching some YouTube videos on minimalism and home decluttering. I was fascinated by the idea of cleaning up some physical and emotional clutter and started scanning my place for stuff that hasn't been used for a long time, but takes up space that could be used effectively. With time I realized that this philosophy isn't a matter of one-time procedure, but rather of an everyday mindset of interacting with your closest environment.

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“Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence.” - Robert Fripp


I don't really have a strict or consistent hobby, but I guess it would be reading, too.


I have read on and off, over the years. I have also been in school in the recent past few years, up until last year. I picked it up, again, later last year. I read "Childhood's End" and "Fahrenheit 451", and then I started reading "Steppenwolf", which TreyAnastasio (in the Community) reccomended to me. I have been lazy about it. I started with the preface, a while back, and still have a few more pages to go, because I actually read a few more, earlier.


I've listened to music, when reading some books, too. I actually made a post about it, not too long ago. I think it's around the 4th page of my posts. I don't know if there's anything in particular that goes with this book. Of course, I usually don't listen to music that has lyrics, with one exception (that's probably mentioned in the post).


Beside the music aspect, here's the other books that I've read, as far back as I can remember (in no particular order).


  • The Kite Runner
  • Brave New World
  • No Country For Old Men
  • Animal Farm
  • Red Rising
  • Morning Star
  • Golden Son
  • On The Beach
  • Make Room! Make Room!
  • Ready Player One
  • The Forever War

Edit: I forgot a book. It was written from the silent film that her husband made.

  • Metropolis


I'm really into Science Fiction and Dystopian books and movies.

I have also read some short stories, like:


  • The Wavemaker Falters
  • The Lottery
  • Cathedral
  • The Adjustment Bureau
  • Minority Report

The first three are one that I remember reading in College.


Oh, and I guess making playlists would be another one of my hobbies.

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My favorite hobby lately (besides Spotify) is playing guitar. Sometimes I like to listen to music on Spotify and try to "jam" along with the songs (usually on acoustic guitar, so as not to bother my neighbors). Other times I plug headphones into an amplifier and play electric guitar, which I also find to be quite fun; usually I have a "fuzz" pedal connected as well when playing electric guitar, since I seem the appreciate the type of distorted tone that it produces. Cheers!

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I like listening to music and finding new artists I haven't heard before, watching movies + shows, taking photos, reading the latest technology news such as Apple, and helping out other users in the Spotify Community. 

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