Your playlist lay-outs!


Your playlist lay-outs!

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Some people genuinely make their collections of playlist look like pieces of art! Others are just straight-up chaotic or funny. What do your play-lists in a whole look like?
I categorize most of my music based either per genre (which I use circular play-list covers for) and other ones for moods or occasions.

Post your spotify below and let's get some inspiration going! 🙂


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i lay my playlists out from my most played to least 🙂 with cover arts from animations by vewn!



Here are some screenshots showing my playlist layouts. I have more but this is a lil sneak peak! Check them out if you want to 🙂


Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 1.43.14 AM.png
Screen Shot 2021-01-22 at 1.43.29 AM.png


There's a method to the madness in the chaos of genre-fluid sounds i usually compile. In certain lists i take great pains to ensure good flow (imo) between tracks, others are yet to be ordered and may never be. The auto-generated tile cover is nice but only when it works; fails to update if the same 4 songs remain first but in a different order. I also try to keep one album's presence in a playlist cover only present once throughout all of my lists (Clown Core and Ultrarare are exceptions), though some lists are quite similar with the same songs (in different orders). I've added original illustrations (done in high school) to a few "of significance," though my old priority lists are often neglected, always discovering new music and starting new lists, hence inherent chaos. I'm currently trying to perfect my list "D-IngS-SOC_IsA_T-I_|V-E," i'll get a series of 5 or so tracks that have to be played sequentially, and then try to sort those groups amongst themselves, which is not fun on mobile 😅 


here's mine! I love the b&w feel and update my playlists quite frequently

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Casual Listener

well... I try. More than I'd like to admit.




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Well, a lot of my playlists are mix of genres, but for majority I still have some connection that's base for choosing painting that's my playlist cover. For me personally it makes it more appealing to just look at it, even more now, when art galleries are closed lol

Screenshot 2021-01-16 014624.jpg


Yeah, the black hole is not a painting, it's just too good picture to be replaced haha

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I like to keep a playlist for any type of mood I could be in. Always adding new ones!


Here's one of my playlist, I usually create them based on moods and I'm constantly adding new songs to them.

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your covers are cool and abstract


 i have a dark and pink themed picture for all of my playlist 

heres my spotify :


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I am kind of messy so that makes absolute sense why my playlist reflects me. 

If you wanna listen dont forget to shuffle tho!


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Oh amazing! I love it that you are enthousiast about try outs for the lay out of Spotify! Let's follow each other ! 


This one is mine:


Schermafbeelding 2021-01-03 om 18.17.16.png



I like to create representative cover art for my playlists.

I have playlists for so many categories: by genre, by decade, by mood, by artists, for dance, etc...


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Hi, @smooonvnerpenice thread I'm hoping that my Playlist covert art is saying enough about themselves... let me know what you think. 





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Great idea, @smooonvnerpe!


I typically don’t use cover pictures for my playlists; instead, I choose tracks that are from four albums with (in my opinion) cool album artwork to be at the top of each playlist (and thus show up in the automatically generated image for each playlist).


Most of the public playlists that I’ve created are for music of a specific genre (or sometimes are for multiple, similar genres); for these playlists, my titles are in lowercase font, similar to the genre “tags” on


Screen Shot 2020-12-29 at 2.45.23 PM.png



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That looks so cool!

I am gonna use that trick from now on lol