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Hi fellow Spotifiers!


During the last weeks I worked on A Service which will backup your awesome discover playlists on a weekly basis. It was just designed for my personal use, but I decided to put some more effort in it and make it public.



Because I’m lazy and forget things a lot and I guess some of you guys do that too. I had several good discover playlists and said to myself “Daaaaamn, there are some awesome tracks in it, I will extract them later”. Well, we all know how that went, I forgot it and the awesome tracks were gone. **bleep** me.


Okay. How is it working?

To get things started, you will have to login with your spotify account (And no, I will not get your password at any point). After logging in, you propably want to tune and enable your backup-settings. There are multiple backup-methods:

  • Create a new playlist - This will create a new playlist every week with a name of your choice
  • Add to a playlist - Just append all tracks of your discover playlist to another
  • Add to “My Music” - Just append all tracks of your discover playlist to your “MyMusic” Library
  • Save them at - The playlist gets saved in our database, you can view/export/delete them from there

You will get a personal backup date somewhen in the week (Nerd-Note: Because of Spotify’s API-Limits) and you can even get an automatic mail wether your backup was successfull or not. If you want to check if your backup method works, you can also force a backup, although with a cooldown of 30 minutes. (Nerd-Note. Yes, API-Limits again…)


Derp, there is already this IFTTT-Rule and this thing at rocketgraph?

Yes, but there are several things which annoyed me:

  • Additional account required (E-Mail Spam ahoy)
  • Lack of different backup-methods
  • Premium-Versions at rocketgraph??!!


I hope you will check it out, you can reach it at
If you have any questions/issues, feel free to contact me at or here at reddit.

Have a nice weekend,


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