listen to my new indie single !


listen to my new indie single !

Gig Goer

hi community ! 


recently i started to upload my music on spotify and i'm trying to get people to listen to my music and give me some feedback !


this song is has a very soft instrumental and i could say my influences are beabadoobee, elliott smith, fenne lily and others 


 anyway here's the link to my newest song, i'd love to have some feedback and maybe get some new fans/followers on my artist page! 



eva 🙂 

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Hey Eva,

I really like your approach. I could not really decide if I want to add bird or why??? to my playlist, so I took them both.

They really have this charme of unperfection about them, while they are a good piece of tender music. I would like to hear Songs from you with a little more complex soundarrangement to them as well. Maybe some other weird istruments. I make music myselfe and just released my new album for which I used a lot of kitchen equipment. If you like, you can listen to it:

I will follow you and I´m curious what comes next.