moving songs in a playlist


moving songs in a playlist

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Changing the position of a song in a playlist can be done by moving them with the mouse.

However this is not possible in the playlist "Favorites".

Could anyone tell me why that is not possible ?


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The playlist containing starred tracks was always like that but, as it doesn't really serve any useful purpose any more, there's no reason you can't just add all the tracks to a new empty playlist. Then you can sort the tracks any way you want.

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What a shame. Favorites was an easy way to collect songs you want to hear regularlye or in your car. A while ago you could even mark you favorites with a star . Even that option is gone. Now you have to drag them to Favorites. I have to scroll a lot for that purpose.

I can't understand that spotify does this. I'll shure will not be the only one whos regrets this.

Yst bring the star back ( together with X , + , v) and let us move songs in the Favorits-list. Spotify ! Do you hear me crying ?


Thank you, Joe (have a beer on me)

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Don't give Joe any more beer, he has enough. 😛

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