overcharge issues :(


overcharge issues :(


First of all, I started on the Spotify help page and went through the questions and none of them helped with my situation. From there I asked for help using the contact form and quickly received an email with links leading me right back where I started. Very Frustrating. 

So, here's my issue: I tried accepting the offer going on of Spotify Premium 3 months for $0.99. However, I was declined saying that i had already accepted a similar offer. Thinking a mistake might have been made since my account was new I tried again and when that did not work I tried starting from scratch. Needless to say, I tried and was declined 4 times. No big deal, right? life goes on. However, upon checking my bank statement I was charged for each of these four tries and yet still no premium. At this rate I should be getting a year's worth. Anyways, all i want is a full refund or a refund for three times and my premium to actually work for the fourth. somebody please help, I am getting frustrated and Spotify does not provide a contact number.


     Overcharged and Frustrated

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