playback on two devices


playback on two devices

I have my playlist and my son has his. Can I listen to my own on my mobile and my son on his ipad without both of us having to listen to the same song.
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As mentioned you can not currently have two streams at the same time. There is a suggestion in the ideas section to have multi user accounts. If you like that idea, give it your kudos and might happen faster.

There is also the option of having one of you downloading the playlist and using it off-line.


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Binaural track - listen with headphones with good volume!

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If you have premium, forcing one device into offline mode from the settings menu will do the trick if you only listen to offline playlists (although it is technically against the ToS).

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No. Spotify is licenced for personal use and will only stream on one device at a time. Why not get your son to set uo his own free account?