"Starred" playlist gone. Help


"Starred" playlist gone. Help


Today I noticed on my phone my starred playlist disappeared even though it was still shown on my computer. I tried restarting the app and logging in and out and that didn't help. Now, I just updated my computer and my starred playlist is gone from there as well.

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I noticed the same thing today - although I can see that all of my previous starred music have been transferred to "Your music". It's in no way an ideal solution, but I'm happy that all of my saved tracks aren't gone.


Scratch that, It seems that my tracks have NOT been moved, only tracks previously moved by me.


If you want to find your starred tracks, write in the search field of spotify "Spotify:user:*your user ID here*:starred"

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Hey there.


This means they listened my idea. Thank you so much Spotify!!!


I was about to go to GPL (Google Play), but now since this weird, useless, pre-installed non-removal list is removed, I can live my Spotify life... Now I'm for 5 years on Premium.........




Thank you so much!