5 Ideas for Spotify collaboration, functionality

Make Spotify better with social features


1. Playlist ratings

Rate them 1-5 stars - I'd love to get specific playlists emailed to me on a recommendations basis and rate them.  Spotify can then populate these playlists, by ratings. ie: "View Top Rated user playlists" by genre. 


2. Like song within playlist and alert owner

My friends and I share playlists.  I'd like to "Like" a specific song within their list and have Spotify notify them.


3. Find friends by email

I have disconnected my Spotify from Facebook (which was a huge ordeal BTW).  I'd like to search for friends by email.


4. Custom profile and picture

I am not attached to Facebook, and therefore cannot add a profile picture.  I'd also like to have an "About Me" 


5. Featured user playlists

I'd like to be sent featured user playlists based on my music taste.  I'd also like to be featured! :) 











Hello there!
Thanks for the feedback, unfortunately we can only handle 1 feature request per topic, otherwise it's impossible to manage the received kudos / give the idea a proper status.
If you want to start a general feedback topic, that's great! But please use the respective help forum then. ;)
When you're re-posting those ideas in separate topics, please make sure to use the search function, since a lot of ideas might already be out there in the ideas forum, for example those here:


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