50% off for Windows Phone users until the mobile app gets an update.

Since mobile (which is the main premium feature) is barely usable, we should get premium for half the price, dontcha think?


Hell, you can even make it 90% off or for free...


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I agree....WP Spotify client is not reliable...

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Come on peaple! Give it some kudos!!! XD

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Kudos needed!

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I was thinking of bying the New Nokia 820 or 620, but as current, no spoti for wp8 and with the great support experience from spotifycrew ive got from wp7.5/7.8 (OBS IRONIC) i dont think i can by a Windows phone again. Sadly..
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Hey there, thank you for your comment.


I really hope that Spotify will notice this problem. I know that they are aware of those bugs / no app for Windows Phone 8, but they just ingore all information they may know or not know.


Bad communication :)

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I INSTALLED Spotify for Lumia another time and NO UPDATES!


All those bugs sitting still here...


Spotify.... waaaake uuuuup!

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Status changed to: New Idea

Once the idea reaches 100+ kudos it will get reviewed again (Edited by Premify - reason: new kudo requirements)

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"Status changed to: New Idea

Only ideas with 40+ kudos should have the good idea status."


Oh, forget this!


Spotify staff mentioned Windows phone 7 Spotofy app will not be updated... Too bad.


Really sad that Spotify won't give WP the same attention as Android or iOS, as WP start to get bigger and bigger all the time, and if you aren't updating your client really soon people will choose other options.