A Pebble app that allows for voting up/down as well as advancing the track (no prev in radio mode)

Pebble is touting that with the release of their new "Pebble App Store", happening soon out now, Pandora will have an app that runs on the Pebble allowing you to vote a track up/down as well as advance to the next song.  As I subscribe to Spotify and not Pandora, I would LOVE to see this same kind of app coming from Spotify.  Currently, the Pebble can control your music, but only through the "now playing" system on a given smartphone.  Personally, I have an iPhone 5 and while it works flawlessly to play/pause and advance tracks, having the voting up/down functionality in an actual Spotify app would be amazing.


EDIT: The app store is open, but Pandora have not released their app for some reason.  Perhaps they are waiting for the official release of the Steel (I know the promo units had it pre-loaded for reviewers).  I think it would be very interesting if Spotify were to beat them to it!  There are several other apps from major companies, like Yelp and Foursquare, so this isn't just a niche market.  Other companies are realizing the potential, and I'd be really excited if Spotify did, too!


The attached image is from a review on tomsguide.com showing Pandora's Pebble app as it will look while controlling the smartphone it is linked to.  I think it's a very clean and simple interface that could easily be replicated by Spotify.  The two services, while streaming radio, are very similar.  For those of us using Pebble I think it may be tempting to switch without this feature, which is the main reason I have brought this to the ideas forum.


Update: This idea has been reposted here.


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Good idea, being a pebble user myself and looking forward to the app store, I would certainly appreciate something like this!

Anthony 🙂

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I'd like this too... Pebble Steel due soon 🙂

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As a Pebble user Ilike this aswell!

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This is a great idea and is exactly what I have been missing for a long time!

It's simply too tedious to take my smartphone out every time I want to vote up a song I like. So I'm sure I'll love this feature.


Furthermore, currently the song titles do not display in the in-built music app on the watch. However, that should be easily achievable, as other players handle this and send the metadata to the bluetooth paired device.

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@stan7 Do you happen to have an Android phone?  I know I've heard of the song title problem being an issue for Android users, and there are a few tips out there that people have said work to fix it.  I have an iPhone 5 so I don't know how valid those tips are, but it's worth a shot for now so you don't have to deal with that problem.

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It would also be awesome if you could get a list of all songs in a playlist, would be much easier to choose a song from that list instead of goong through all of the songs in the playlist 🙂
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Already created a new idea, but as this already exists, I'll add my UI ideas here too :) My idea: Multiple UIs, accessible via a long press of the middle button. There you can choose the screen: Playback screen: - up and down will skip tracks while holding them will search in track. - middle is play/pause On Volume screen up and down will adjust volume instead of back/forward. Rating screen: - Up and down will rate the track while listening to Radio, if listening to playlist they will toggle shuffle/loop - middle will (un)star the current track. Playlist selector - Browse through your playlists and tracks - middle button to open playlist/play selected track, hold to get options: play next, play radio based on selection, hide (which will hide the selector and go back to last used screen); back navigation with back button. Copied from http://community.spotify.com/t5/Spotify-Ideas/Pebble-Integration/idi-p/686194
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https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/597507018/pebble-time-awesome-smartwatch-no-compromises I think this sums up the support for pebble nicely. Being a backer of it myself now, how about this is reconsidered since there is now a colour pebble coming out and you can make an even more sophisticated and aesthetically pleasing app 😉




Yes please, we need this to happen! 🙂