A way to greatly improve the shuffle function

although the shuffle function has had some of its problems addressed before i still feel like it could be miles better than what it is for the enjoyment of spotify users. 


it seems that it still always plays the same songs, maybe not in the same listening session but it still does it. and its gotten to the point that im getting bored of what i think are really good songs.


so what im suggsting is that the shuffle function should have the a feature that stops a song form being repeated until the all other songs in the playlist have been played even between sessions, with the ability to turn off this feature of course. i think this would greatly improve the shuffle function and satisfy the communities problems with it

Hello and thanks for your feedback!

A similar idea has also been suggested here:

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Shuffle is horrible on spotify. I have a playlist with around 500 songs and hear the same 30 songs over and over again as if they take priority over all the other 470 songs. How about we implement a shuffle feature that plays through an entire playlist without playing a song twice? Cause i rather like all my other songs too..