Ability to Swipe to Delete Individual Tracks (iOS)

To be completel frank, I'm dumbfounded that this feature doesn't exist.


When I load up new music, I usually evaluate all the tracks one by one. However, I usually know during the song, or immediately after listening, whether or not I will keep that track in my collection. I think it would be a great feature to be able to just swipe to delete tracks on the fly from a playlist when looking at the actual at the track list. This would be be in addition to having the ability to go through the edit, and then mass delete songs.


This feature is currently available when deleting individual playlists, so I know the functionality exists in general, but I'm unsure of why this wasn't expanded to within the actual playlists themselves. This would turn deleting individual songs from a 4 step process (triple dots, edit, delete, delete) to just 2 steps swipe, delete. I think this not only saves time, but ultimately adds convenience to quickly delete a song vs. going through a menu process to delete an individual song.


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Edit by @kbrooksc  - this was available previously and removed with latest version of iOS update. "Bumping" to get this more kudos.


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This feature would be nice. 


I don't know if it would be possible, but Spotify should add a setting you can turn on or off that will let you swipe to delete either songs or playlists.


For me I rarely delete any songs once they are put into a playlist.


This would cause a lot of "accidental deletions" for me.


I have yet to accidentally deleted a playlist with swipe though... so my statement is mixed.


I'm usually very careful, but my finger could slip.

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What device are you referring to here? iPhone? 

@Mattjsrules - Accidental deletion is a valid point, however, it would still take a two step blunder to delete a song (swipe, then click delete) as well as with Spotify, adding a song back is not difficult and can be done shortly and fee-free. @David - I am specifically referring to the iPhone. Swiping is a pretty common way to delete most things on the iPhone.
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On both the iPhone and iPad you have to currently click edit before deleting playlists or songs.


I think this is how it should be, but maybe there could be an option. 


(you referenced the ability to swipe delete playlists, but I'm not seeing that now that I look closely)


There should defenitly be a way to delete a song directly when you are listening to it from the Iphone app!
Either by swiping or through a choice in the "i" menu where you for example can star the song, it's an obvious location for a delete button.


It is almost impossible to find a particular song in edit-mode if the playlist is a 1000 songs long, since Iphone does not filter by letter and disturbing to be forced to remember the name of the song until you have time to edit the playlist (if you are running/biking with spotify for example).


Now I try editing/deleting on the computer only, but I tend to listen to other playlists there (due to offline-mode) and therefore editing/deleting only songs from other playlists than those I listen to on the Iphone...

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This would be tremendous to have. As an alternative to swiping to delete (so you don't accidentally delete a song as mentioned above), Spotify could add it in the song's context menu. The new Spotify iPhone app has this nifty little context menu (the 3 dots) next to each song that provide a ton of options. One of them should be the ability to delete the song from the playlist. Practically everything else you can do to a song is there already. There are even two pages of options for each song.

This was available and Spotify took it away with the latest update?...I used to be able to simply swipe a song and delete it. Now I have to find the playlist that is in, go to edit, find it again, then delete. This was a serious downgrade to someone that changes their library often.
I'll throw my hat in the ring and vote for this small but hugely useful feature. My playlists are pretty fluid so this would be über useful for me.

Does the Spotify development team even see these threads? I do not feel that we get the best of feedback here. This should be a simple edit to fix and like some of you say - it was there before. Now: "Swipe to delete". Come on! (please)


Hey everyone, if you subscribe to this thread or are reading it please give the original post some Kudos...I think if it gets to 100 it might actually get some attention.


This can't be that difficult to implement. 

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