Ability to link together tracks in playlists (also for shuffle)



 If possible I'd like to be able to link together tracks, so that whether I sort them by artist or by track, etc the linked ones remain together. Whilst I can imagine this would be useful for certain modern songs or parts of albums, I'm particularly asking with respect to classical music - the reason being that classic music typically has at least three sections which need to be played in order. For some reason, some classical albums sort properly when done by artist, and others by track so it's a bit of a mess really. Although I've particularly referenced classical music, I can imagine it'd be useful across a variety of genres. So...


 Suggestion: Have the ability to link together tracks so that however the tracks in a particular playlist are sorted, those 2+ tracks will remain in the given order.






(Added (also in shuffle) in the title, since that's what most people seem to want in the comments when linking tracks - Premify)

Updated: 2015-11-17

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Something I often find annoying with randomized playlists is when a single song is split into two tracks. This is especially common with movie soundtracks. When a song is 10 minutes long it might be split into two tracks. That is all fine and good when listening to the tracks in order, but when you randomize the playlist both tracks will not be played in succession.


Another annoyance is when you make a playlist of audiobooks and want the stories to be randomized but not the chapters. It would be nice if there was a way to tell spotify to always play certain tracks in order. I also think this should be definable by the user, because not everyone will care, or not everyone will want the same tracks played in order.


Agreed. I have been wanting this for a  while, because of the Enter The Circus - Welcome combo Christina Aguilera has...

This is also true if there are tracks that you would just prefer to hear together. An immediate example for me is The Cars, Double Life leads into Shoo Be-Doo, which in turn leads nicely into Candy-O.

As a listener of classical music I would definitely like to see this feature.


Let me add a big thumbs up to this idea!  Many times songs are meant to go together both in classical and in rock music (e.g. Alan Parsons Project - Sirius/Eye in the Sky, Queen - We Will Rock You/We Are The Champions, Beatles - Abbey Road medley).  If I have these songs in a playlist and listen on shuffle play, it is jarring for the medleys to cut out in the middle.  Please allow linking of tracks (e.g. when several tracks are selected, right click and select "bind tracks in this order").  Thanks!


Here are a few more examples to support this idea:

The Happiest Days of Our Lives/Another Brick in the Wall (Part 2) - Pink Floyd

Eruption/You Really Got Me - Van Halen

The Load Out/Stay - Jackson Brown

The Rockafeller Skank/Right Here, Right Now - Fatboy Slim



Definitely need this. Just had Electric Eye by Judas Priest come on without The Hellion first, terrible stuff. Would also be nice if spotify treated them as one song generally, last thing you want is to be halfway through some awesome prog and then get an advert for further education

Music Fan

I totally agree. I hope this idea gets implemented.

Gig Goer

This is hugely important for certain songs, especially where "interlude" tracks actually act as intros to the song (like Enter Shikari often do). Let's hope this happens soon.


This is a feature I've been wanting from Spotify for a while now, and like Minion up there^ it's also mainly because of the sheer number of interlude/intro tracks Shikari like to pull on us.