Ability to read & respond with just text to messages in the mobile app.

I love how in the desktop client I am able to send messages with just text responding to my friends songs. Often times replying with a song doesnt always feel necessary. I would love for this functionality to be carried over to the mobile app.

Updated: 2015-12-16


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Marked as new idea and added also "to read" in the title to have those message abilities in one idea. ;)

YES! And also, I can't see the things I've sent to people and their replies if they use the desktop version and send a reply without a song attached!
Yeah - I also requested this like a year ago. No progress.
I really wish Spotify would make it look exactly like the desktop version!

Definitely a must for Spotify in 2015, it just seems silly that from your mobile you can only receive messages with a song on it and you cannot reply & chat with your friend regarding the song they have just sent. Also, if you share a song, you cannot see it, basically you cannot confirm if it was already sent because it doesn't show anywhere...

Spotify is great but it's time to pay more attention to the social part, this feature, which doesn't seem to be very hard to apply since on the desktop version does just what it should do, should by a priority.


Totally backing up this idea. C'mon Spoti, bring a normal message service to the mobile app, we are not asking too much.




I just gave it the tenth kudo. Hopefully they implement it. I am able to share music with users from the app, but I do look forward to their feedback as well via messages. 

This omission is so absurd I couldn't believe it was missing. I can't begin to fathom the line of thinking that would lead someone to implement half of a messaging system.
All of this!!! I currently have a message from a friend that reads simply "so broke up with" and a song!! In what kind of backwards application do I have to either turn on my laptop or wait til I get to my work machine on monday to find out what the rest of this message says?! Spotify this is super dumb!

How many messages have I not been able to read just the first sentence on mobile...lord...it's maddening


How is this not a default feature!? Crazy omission. Please add this functionality.