Ability to view albums and singles coming soon.

One thing i find really annoying about Spotify is not knowing when or even if albums or singles have/will be released. So many times, i will be looking for albums or songs and not be able to find them. I'll then go on iTunes or elsewhere to see if the album/single has been released and if not, when. I love how on iTunes, you can see clearly that the song is going to be released on iTunes and when. On Spotify, sometimes albums i want won't even be released to my dissapointment.


Adding a Coming soon feature would make me so happy as albums and songs will no longer just be dropped on spotify, and you can now see if it's going to be on Spotify in the first place, and importantly, when. You can also add songs to playlists in advance so you're ready for the release.


You could simply do this like you do with Albums that have been released but aren't on spotify (like 1989) or aren't avaliable in a certain country, in which songs can't be played but you can still view the albums existance. Then, simply add a date you can start streaming the album/song and you have a wonderful feature i would be so grateful for.


Love Spotify so much and i'm always representing you guys 😘 Please please PLEASE make this a feature, it would be great.

Hi, thanks for the post! As @AceSteeleYT mentioned, this has already been suggested by some other users. Please leave kudos and comments on the ideas below.



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