[Account] Don't force us to use Numbers as Usernames

Over the last few weeks more and more users are getting a random string of characters as usernames, even if they specified a normal one during sign up. No one on the community website is getting any info from Spotify as to what is going on.

During a chat with support I was told:

"As part of the long-term plans to remove the username from the sign-up flow, we started rolling out the new sign-up option, with display name instead of a username on the Web page."
This does not really answer why we are expected to give people gibberish if we want to connect to our friends, nor why this major change has been implemented without any information going to the public.

So my idea is:
Don't Do That.
Don't make us use gibberish to connect to people, don't make us use gibberish to sign in, don't ask us to choose a username then ignore our requests and replace them with gibberish, and don't make these kinds of changes without informing us as to what you are doing, why you are doing it, and what benifit it may have for us.


Updated on 2018-06-27


Thanks for coming to the Community!

As we look to improve the overall Spotify experience, we’re now automatically generating usernames, hence the random numbers and letters. You don’t need to remember this to log in. You can log in with just your password and the email address associated with your account.

During sign up, you can personalize your account by creating a profile name that’s displayed in the app. There’s no limitations to a profile name, so you can choose any you like 🙂

It’s not possible to log in with a profile name however.

Rest assured you don't need to give your generated username out to friends for them to find you.
There's info on sharing your profile here.



I have premium and I am unable to comment... pretty silly.  Anyway, I would upvote this if I could.  This hard rule was not emphasized (I don't recall seeing anything about it when I signed up) when I signed up.  Plus, most people, when starting a free trial, are not looking to invest a lot of their personal information into an app/software/whatever until they know that they will continue to use it.


Again, the Spotify user name rule is really idiotic.


Spotify just like apple and probably dozens of other companies simply don't give a **bleep** anymore, because we as consumers are too lazy to actually change our behavioral pattern in a manner which could threaten them. 


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Same problem. I am converting to Spotify Premium from Soundcloud Go but now I don't think it's worth it if my username is "3ukog5lkz1djl2vr7wcftfcua"


Yeah, this is a pretty stupid feature, if you can even call it that. At least tell people what's going on to avoid confusion.


Thank you for this note. I feel the same way--I want my name back!


I agree, I know you folks at Spotify are working hard, but this problem with the garbage usernames is really ruining my expierence.  This needs to be fixed now.  #1 Priority!!!!!

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I wonder if there is a way to get an outside party to write code to change it?

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I wonder how many Kudos or Votes is required for them to change something. Or if thats even a thing. They wont give me a good reason why its like this, even when I said I would pay a lot of money to have a proper name.... Spotify Business is apparently the same, its just outrageous. My playlists look revolting in sonos.

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My username is super long and random as well