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There should be a separate country and language buttons.  When I travel and and IP changes from country to country...I have a hard time with the language changes as well...from dutch, to danish, etc....i can change countries but it doesnt mean i automatically speak that country's default language... im sure its simple to separate country and language options...its making my head spin...

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You can change your language option in your Preferences (Mac: Spotify > Preferences | Win: Edit > Preferences). This is separate to the Country option set in your account.

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Does that help?


I live in Switzerland and want to use Spotify in English.


Changing the language setting in the application is fine, that changes the GUI to English. Very good.


What is still inconsistent:


1) The ads are played in German.


2) I can't choose to view the Spotify website in English. The options are Switzerland/German and Switzerland/French. Why companies choose to link country and language in this way, I don't think I will ever understand. Why restrict a person living in the USA to English, just because the majority there speaks that language?


Would be great if this became more flexible in the future, and more related to the reality of our modern mobile world.




I totally agree. I live in the Netherlands but I am so much more comfortable with English. So I've set my profile to UK. The result? Spotify gets incorrect data about the user count in different countries. As a software developer I know that internationalization is not the easiest thing but the seperation of location and language has been built into most i18n tech I've used. For a company offering a 21st century service, you'd expect a 21st century web sitne. Let's hope they'll change this in the future. The near future.


I live in Spain and have just subscribed to Spotify Premium, but it is all in Spanish and whilst I can get by most of the time,I really need to view Spotify in English.

I can't see to see anywhere to change the language

Please can someone suggest a solution




I have the same problem than you:


I live in Belgium -- a 3 languages-country (some people speak German too), and I am a French-native speaker. Sometimes, I have ad in Dutch. I totally don't care about these ads. It is so boring to heard sth you don't want to listen but it is much more aggressive when it is in another language.


My second issue: when I log in on the website, the permanent default language is Dutch. I have to change it to French every time.


Therefore a separation is highly recommended!




NB: my language setting in Spotify is French

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I have the same problem - I live in Spain but I do not speak Spanish.

Spotify client is OK but I can't set up web page to country: Spain but language: English

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I find this is a problem only on the website, and I do the same as Lenux. I say I'm in the UK to get to English. The program itself has always been in English though. If I select English in the program that should be reflected on the website automatically.


This is a big problem with mobile notifications and emails. I am a native English speaker in Hong Kong. I do not want Chinese notifications and emails when English is an official language of the country I live in. If the language already exists for a different location, I don't understand how it can't just be applied to another place. I can understand if it's a language that Spotify doesn't support yet but come on, ENGLISH.


My Spotify was always in English, but the latest version changed it to Finnish (as I live in Finland) and as I don't own a MAC I don't know how to change it back to English on a Windows PC. Anyone?