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I listen to a wide variety of music these days, but have very little idea of what I actually like.


Back when I used to buy physical albums, I had a much stronger bond with the content:


  1. I had to pay for it - so took the time to learn about it to ensure that it was worth my money
  2. I had to pay for it - so I only had a limited amount of it
  3. I had to make an effort to acquire it - I can still remember going to town to buy my first Nirvana album
  4. I had to pick it up and look at it whenever I wanted to listen to it - cementing the artwork into my mind with every listen
  5. It was physical - so I could hold it, read it, admire it, display it, love it!

The digital, subscription-based model has transformed how I listen to music, but in many ways has made the entire experience less personal and less meaningful. I have a music library that is borderline unmanageable, due to the sheer amount of content in it. I can only identify my absolute favourite music. The rest blurs together into one unidentifiable group that comprises stuff that I actually like, but don’t know well enough to remember; stuff that I don’t like, but didn’t delete and stuff that I haven’t listened to, would like to, but can't tell apart from the rest.


Here is a potential solution that could go some way to helping...


1. Gather stats about what I listen to (which you must already have and therefore probably know more about what music I like than I do) and what I like


  • Play count per artist, per album and per track – this will immediately enable me to learn what my favourite content is
  • A rating system (why did you remove this?!) – this will enable me to manually highlight the content that I like, without the need for repeated listens


2. Present these stats to me throughout Spotify so that I can more clearly see what I listen to and like


3. Create views that give me additional insights and that enable me to access the content more quickly in the future



Scenarios – play count displayed throughout Spotify


  • Have I listened to this album before? The stats say that I’ve listened to the songs on it 30 times… upon closer inspection, I’ve listened to each of the 10 tracks 3 times / upon closer inspection, I’ve listened to one track 30 times, but haven’t heard the rest of the album
  • What are the best songs on this album? Ah, I’ve listened to those two 30 times each… probably them!
  • Oh look, I’ve listened to songs by this artist 345 times, but haven’t listened to any songs on this album. I’d imagine that I’ll probably like it
  • “I love that album – I’ve listened to it 30 times” (sentences like this can actually be accurate)


Scenarios – rating displayed throughout Spotify


  • Where’s that song that I heard in the car and really liked (so I ‘liked’ it)? Oh there it is!
  • I’m sure I liked a song on this album that I listened to last weekend (I remember the rest of the album was pretty poor – don’t really fancy trawling through it again). Oh look, there’s the liked track!
  • What was that great album I listened to three months ago, where I ‘liked’ pretty much every track? Oh, there it is, the one with a load of stars on it. Let’s give that another listen.


Scenarios – additional views

Ideally, these would be visualised in a super-simple way that can be intuitively manipulate. In addition, the most interesting ones could be created by Spotify and presented beautifully – infographics?


  • I listened to two songs (that I’d never heard before on a random playlist that I found) over and over in my car this month and they happened to be by the same artist. That artist is now at the top of my “most played artists in the last month” list. I wonder if they have any other good tracks… maybe I’ll get some of their albums.
  • I listened to an album on repeat last weekend, what was it? Ah, there is it on my “top played albums in the last month” list. Time to ‘like’ the best tracks on it.
  • I wonder what my most listened to tracks were last year. Why, there they are, displayed in my “most played tracks in 2013” list.
  • What are my favourite tacks by this artist? Ah, there they are in the “best of [artist]” list. Think I’ll subscribe to that as a playlist that auto-updates whenever I rate songs by that artist.
  • I fancy listening to some rock… I know, I’ll listen to my “best of [genre]” list. Think I’ll subscribe to that as a playlist that auto-updates whenever I rate rock music.
  • What were my favourite songs of the 90s, we’re having a retro party. Ah look, there they are in the “best of [year – year]” list.
  • At the end of the year, I fancy getting involved in the “best-of” listomania. What were my favourite songs that were released in 2013? A top 100 list sorted by rating and play count provides the answer. Let’s turn that into a playlist and pop it on Facebook for my friends to appreciate!
  • Oh no, my girlfriend has been listening to a load of rubbish and now I have a bunch of listens to that stuff. That’s ok, I’ll just pop to the listen history and delete the offending listens.


I've created some example screens that show how my personal play count could be surfaced throughout the iOS version. I realise that it messes with the elegance of the design a little, but I'm sure you guys can come up with a much better way of pulling it off than what I've churned out. Besides, the exercise was more about demonstrating that the updated screens have far greater relevance to me (making it feel more personal) and assist significantly in highlighting to me what I actually like.



Album-List-NEW.png Album-List-OLD.png


Album view in “Your Music” now displays the total number of plays for every track in the album. This immediately gives the user a sense of which albums on the list are their favourites. I would suggest that of all places to add play count, this is the most useful. This list now has much more relevance to the user than before.


It also enables them to quickly identify new albums they have added, but haven’t had the time to listen to.


Finally, it enables them to spot which albums they might want to consider deleting, that have had very few listens – perhaps they give it a go, don’t like it, stop, then forget about it.


Album-(scrolled)-NEW.png Album-(scrolled)-OLD.png


Selecting an album reveals the track list, with the total number of plays summarised in a similar fashion to the previous screen.


Again, the user can immediately find the tracks that they have listen to the most.


Album-NEW.png Album-OLD.png


Scrolling up takes the user to the larger album view.


Total play count for all tracks in the album has been added directly beneath the album title, reinforcing the information from the previous screen.


In addition, “shuffle play” has been replaced with a link to the artist page – why would someone want to shuffle an album that has been specifically organised by the artist? If they do want to, they can immediately hit shuffle from the main controls.


Artist-Page-NEW.png Artist-Page-OLD.png


The artist page has been tweaked to add the total play count for all tracks by the artist directly beneath the artist name.


“Shuffle Play” has also been removed here, as it feels totally redundant. Admittedly, I don’t have the telemetry data for that button, but my gut tells me that few people would use it here when they would be shuffling every possible song by an artist. As a result, “follow/following” has replaced it.


Artist-Page-(scrolled)-NEW.png Artist-Page-(scrolled)-OLD.png


Scrolling down, the user can immediately see the total play count per album.


Album-Page-NEW.png Album-Page-OLD.png


Selecting an album, results in a view that more closely matches the album view from “Your Music”.


“Save / saved” was added, as it not only unified the two pages, but it felt like an important action at this point. After all, this is where users will browse for new albums from an artist.

Updated on 2021-07-16

Hey everyone,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange.


We've discussed this idea and while it is interesting, we don't have any immediate plans to implement this.


Note that with initiatives like Wrapped and Only you we will be giving a sneak peak on the unique ways of how everyone uses Spotify.


If we do have any new information to share, rest assured we'll check back in here with a new status.


More info on why your idea has been closed can be found here.


Please, I need to know which songs I've already listened, which ones are added on a playlist but not necessarily in my "Liked Songs" and all of the features this post has are also very handy. What about creating a special playlist queue for each account where a friend can add songs they want you to listen and you can play that queue whenever you feel like it? Why not create a color or symbol tag system? we can tag songs and then use filters to look for the songs tagged? I would love to tag songs I own in playlists, songs in French or Spanish and I don't necessarily want to create playlists to put these repeated songs.


Spotify is awesome except for the shuffle usage... if I have to skip 5 songs I get locked out and I just ultimately exit the app losing all ability to use your advertising... worst shuffle playlist of any app I’ve ever used... sorry and good luck!!! You suck!!!


I want this feature so badly. I’d love to know how many times I have listened to a specific song or artist. 


This thread has been going for 5+ years, you’d think it would be an added feature by now for Premium subscribers.


LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea and all the associated personal data that could go with that. I love seeing the data related to music. Back in the days of iPod Classics, I loved seeing how many listens each song I had on there had, it gave me a good idea of what songs I tended to come back to again and again, and was always exciting when new music I added would change up my established lists. Then with the changing of times from owned music to streaming I transitioned to Spotify, unfortunately losing all my carefully collected data on my personal listening habits.


I think Spotify should give users more access to their personal listening data, including playcounts; personal top charts that you could organize by timeframes (i.e. weekly, monthly, yearly, lifetime, etc), song vs artist charts, genres. Simple stats like that give me the feeling of being more connected and involved with the music and artists I'm listening to if I can look back through time and get a real sense of where I've been and can better guide me on where I want to go.


Along those lines, you could use that data branching into music discovery and giving users more direct access and control into how the discovery algorithms recommend new songs/artists. Having access to the type of music I listen to (bpm, top genres, vocal vs instrumental music), you could then use that data to carry over into discovery with song matching that would focus on characteristics of the music you listen to or make it customizable. Similar to how Google Maps can recommend restaurants with a % rating of how likely you might like a place, you could set your music discovery to be narrow or wide (i.e. perhaps you're in the mood to listen to music that is a 90% match in similarity to a specific artist or style you are listening to or widen it out to say, 60% similarity. Could even select specific features that you want to keep the same in the music searches (i.e. electronic music 80% similar to a specific artist/playlist and including piano scores in the songs. Or music discovery based on selected artists, focusing on the vocal style to find new artists?). 


The possibilities are endless if there was simply more data provided to users about their listening habits. Sure, not everyone may want to see that level of in depth analytics, but could even provide it as a profile toggle for seeing a more detailed personal analytics page that could incorporate those capabilities.


All of this! At the very least, it would be nice to have personal play counts for each song available via the API so we can write our own apps for this - surely that would be something very simple to roll out?


Great ideas, detailed and well explained, a total +1 from me I agree that i had a closer bond to my music before digital and now my spotify is a mess of unplayed albums, liked stuff that rarely gets listened too and a mis match of other things i cannot even descibe. I would love to see these stats regards my music habits.


But hey there is the standard spotify "we don't have any plans for this" comment... makes  me wonder what they do have plans for (apart from taking our money)


Spotify team,


I like that you have preexisting usage stats for years now. The end-of-year highlights is a great feature. However, that data can be leveraged by providing indicators that benefit the end-user, as mentioned by the original poster. I, for one, would find it of incredible utility to know how long I listen to music each day, week, month in a digital age of connectivity. This would help me understand how music impacts me in the real world. What genre is conducive with personal productivity? Which artists lift my mood during trying times? 


I hope your team will strongly consider what thousands of us desire. The value would generate increased loyalty while staying ahead of the competition in a data-driven society. The only opportunity cost I could foresee is if users suddenly realize music impacts their lives negatively. If there are people who believe this, I have not met them. As a society, we are deeply rooted in music for centuries. I encourage the Spotify team to reevaluate their position on this mutually-beneficial option. 


Thank you, 



Any news regarding that feature?

I think my shuffle play is broken. I have almost 1000 songs but I feel like I'm hearing the same ones over and over. I would like to verify this by seeing how many times I've listened to each song in my library in a certain time span.


I understand this has been posted an endless amount of times, but what I don't understand is why it hasn't been implemented yet... to the public.


For some time now, you all have had to be and continuing to do so, in collecting statistics such as the amount of times we've played a certain track, artist, or album. Our favorite genre based on the amount of likes and how many times we played songs matching that particular genre. Our BPM likings based on how many times we played songs fitting in a particular beat range. The list goes on and on.


So we know you have our data, but what I don't understand is why you fail to and ignore our requests in allowing us to access and view this data, even if by your API alone.


This is my plea for you all to please allow us, even if only by means of the A.P.I., to be able to access our scrobble analytics so that we are able to tell the amount of times we played certain types of media; whether that media is a podcast, a song, an album, or an artist.


Yes!! This feature is literally the reason why I still have Google Play Music, because it allowed me to see the number of listens I had on songs, and most crucially for me: you can sort music according to the number of listens!! This feature would absolutely make Spotify 100% better and I can't believe it hasn't been implemented yet.

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