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by MightySheep on ‎2012-04-07 03:51 PM

I really thought Spotify would already have something like this, but I was disappointed when I clicked 'Your Account' under help tab thinking there would be all kinds of cool statistics but instead there was nothing :(


I think it would be fun to compare with friends too now with this spotify social and facebook integration


The kind of information/statistics I would have liked to see are:

- When account was created (who found spotify first?)

- List of most listened to artists / songs

- Perhaps a timeline of how your genre/artist preference has changed

-  Activity (who uses spotify the most?)

- Favorite tracks/artists among friends

- etc


Maybe all this is already up somewhere but I haven't found it, I don't know, but I think it would be a cool thing to have

Status: Case Closed


Hello community! At Spotify, we love data like Spongebob loves Krabby patties. While we don't have plans to implement the exact idea requested, we released a fun "Year in Review" generator at the end of 2013 so users could see their total number of streams, most streamed track, top ten, and more!


Update: We know you guys loved the "Year in Review" last year so we've brought you "Year in Music" for 2014! Not only will you be able to find out more about the biggest global and national music trends of 2014, but you can also create your very own personal Year in Music. Click on "GET YOUR YEAR IN MUSIC" in the top right corner to get started. 

by talesref
on ‎2012-04-08 05:15 PM anyone?

on ‎2012-04-08 05:19 PM

Why Those simple things like play counter etc. are in every media player I know - iTunes, Winamp, Songbird...

by ian29
on ‎2012-05-09 07:47 PM

im dying for some stats in spotify. 

by jswetzen
on ‎2012-05-16 08:46 AM

+1 for more stats! I want to know how much I've listened to, what device i use the most etc. :smileyhappy:

by JackGander
on ‎2012-06-03 10:19 AM

I agree wholeheartedly.  I got a little excited with my first post as a proud member of this community, but I stand by every word of it:


The time has come, friends, to get disproportionately excited about stats.

by er43
on ‎2013-01-29 05:26 PM

I could do without this

by mikkecollins
on ‎2013-02-20 06:11 PM

I really enjoy play counts. If we could just have the number of plays and be able to sort using that, it would be fantastic.

on ‎2013-03-10 11:39 AM

Adding two more cents regarding and Facebook integration: Since Feb 28, 2013, you can finally add your Facebook account details to to link both accounts. As this is fairly new, the first features are showing your loved tracks (also from the Spotify app) and events that you want to visit on your Facebook profile, but they are planning to add more info soon, e.g. showing your charts there as well. Showing each scrobbled track on Facebook will probably not be implemented though.

by ssthormess
on ‎2013-06-15 02:43 AM

I agree with this.


Spotify should have it's own profile page, å la social network, it would be great, for instance, to have like statistics (we already have a recommendation engine) or maybe just purchasing and incorporating it into Spotify.


For instance, right now I came here because I would like to know how many plays does the Pink Floyd track haves, so we know how far we are from reaching 1,000,000 plays. If this feature is incorporated we should be able to import "our past" from, also, currently we can Scrobble so Spotify is "outsourcing" this to while it could be an added-value feature for both free and premium Spotify users and it's ecosystem.




by chriscct7
on ‎2013-09-29 06:55 PM doesn't provide any true statistical data other than number of total plays to a given song or overall over a given time period. For instance number of hours listened to over a given time period, total number of hours over a given time period, number of unique songs, etc etc.

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