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I let my girlfriend use my spotify account, but I notice I get kicked off if she uses it. Would there be a future premium upgrade to allow multi-user accounts? I don't mind paying a little extra so I can simultaneously listen to music on Spotify if someone is using my account.


Hey folks, we're marking this idea as 'Case Closed' today as Spotify Free and Premium accounts are for personal, non-commercial use only. If you're interested in buying Spotify Premium at a discount for the whole family, check out our Spotify Family site and FAQ

Thanks for coming to the Community with your Spotify feedback everyone!



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I completely endorse that proposal. I´d like to listen music and avoid annoying interruptions when a member of my family "kick me off" the application just because they want to listen music too.

Please, think about it. Pay a little bit extra will be a win-win situation!



yes, completely agree. the lack of multi-user accounts is the only thing thats holding spotify back from becoming the netflix of music.


so close...yet so far...


Any chance we see this as a future supported feature of Spotify?  This product is fantasic but having a multi user account would really put it over the top.  I have a Sonos system at home to which I have set up my Spotify account.  I also use the Desktop app at the office while I work.  The issue I have is that if anyone decides to use the Sonos sytem while I am working, I get kicked off Spotify.  The only solution right now is to have a separate account for my Sonos and for my use on mobile or at work.  This would not be a problem either if there was an easy way to manage a playlist through multiple accounts, but as it stands, I would be managing the same playlist two times with this solution.


A solid +1 from me on this. I'd be more than happy to pay the price for an extra premium account but in the form of an extra concurrent stream from my current account.


We are using our current account on a multitude of mutual devices (Philips TV, Boxee Box, IPTV-box), signing in and out based on user is not an option.


We would not have kept separate CD-cabinets "in the old days".


Totally agree with this one. My wife and daughter both use my account (I pay for everything). I would be glad to pay extra to get a "family" account.


Yes indeed. It baffles me how they have not done something like this. Have another level of subscription. Just like my gym charges me an extra 30% so I can use other branches of the gym around London. I too would like to allow my girlfriend to use my spotify. Or even if it's a separate account but off the same billing account then provide some discount incentive 20%?


Family accounts are a MUST! Escpecially with mobile devices. 


Yes, needed.  My wife and daughter started using my spotify account and I get kicked off every time.  It's very frustrating.  One time my wife and I were fighting for control while I was listening to music on the way home.

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Yes i agree, you could even copy how Netflix's does it, for two people to listen to music at the same time, you could charge us a few pounds more, and for 3-4 users using the same account at the same time, charge us 10-15 pounds more. It would really be the music verison of netflix. :)