Add a "Details" tab to Artist Pages

This concept was originally suggested by Dvipe19 on his Ideas Topic here, so credit to him. 

I think this is such a good idea, I am going to give it the glory of its own topic and some nice pictures! :) 


It would be very useful, if Spotify included a "Details" Tab on Artist Pages, like below:


new idea artist details.png


In this new tab, it would be possible to view all of the artists tracks, in a list fashion, just like in the search results pages meaning they are sortable!!


new idea sort by popularity.png





Updated: 2016-03-14


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Love this idea.  May I also add that it contain a complete discography of the artist - whether or not it is on Spotify or local files.  It is a pain to have to go out to a site such as wikipedia to find out an artists actual discography and will help cure those confusing moments when you think that you KNOW a particular artist sang a particular song, but can't find it...


EDIT: I thought I would bring a relevant comment from another post here as well:


I think that I have worn out the Kudo buttons in this thread.  As I have been reading from this idea forum, I am not seeing many posts on how to be more social media friendly - rather how to better organize music in a way that was originally intended by the artist.  (ie. albums)  This is where your R&D money should be invested!!!  I have said this on a different thread, but I will mention it again here, because they get it very well - yet have nothing to do with providing content.  Wikipedia discographys are nearly perfect in this regard - IMO.  


They list albums - in order that the were originally released - and make the differentiation from full studio releases, EP's, and compilation/remix albums.  If you want the album track list, you click on an album.  As a previous post stated, a classic rock album did not release in 2010.  I can't tell you how many times I have listened to songs in a playlist that I have thown together, only to find that the song is a **bleep** version - ie. not the original/known album version.  


Then it lists all officially released singles - by album. It also contains a listing of collaborations (featured artist), which you cannot find in spotify. If they are not the primary artist, you can't find their songs on their own artist page.


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